Delve into the darkest Wizard prison in the Wizarding world. Play as Sirius black as he claws and scrapes his way past the most disturbing dark creatures in all of the Wizarding world, be warned though, dementors are the least of your worries behind the iron walls of Azkaban.

your quest begins mere weeks before Harry leaves for his 3rd year in school. Sirius receives his breakfast alongside an alarming bit of news regarding his supposedly dead former friend Peter Pettigrew. Now Sirius needs to escape, but he's spent 12 years wallowing in his depression. He's weakened, padfoot is his only hope but he can't stay in his animagus form for long because of his weakened mind. He's got to use his time sparingly to dodge his wardens. But dementors aren't his only obstacles, exiled aurors, raving mad inmates including his deranged cousin that would give him away, tight corridors and merlin knows what else stalks these dark hallways. He needs to uncover the secrets of Azkaban in order to get out and finally set things right with that blasted rat faced traitor!