I had a thought after binge reading Harry Potter fanfiction. How cool would it be to explore the most bone chilling hellscape in the Wizarding world? This question spawned my idea to create Azkaban in dreams.

but I've hit more than a few snags. For one, a Sirius Black puppet doesn't exist yet which shocks me. Next, the dementors I've seen appear kinda shoddy and few in variety so I want to fix that. Next, there's only 2 scenes on the Harry Potter wiki with brief multiple second windows where the inside of Azkaban is shown so I have to get creative on the mapping.

this game is supposed to detail the horrors Sirius experiences during his daring escape from the maximum security ward. So I need a FULLY functioning Sirius black puppet, with padfoot transformation and animation to match, lifelike dementors with bone chilling detail. I'm working on the map design myself and if help isn't found I'll work on the puppets myself. But I could REALLY use a hand if anyone's got a spare.

voice acting, cutscene creation, sound effects and side characters are on the back burner until I get the meat of the game ready.