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  • Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm Zeagyn. I used to hang out on LittleBigNetwork quite a bit, mostly in the live chat or the banter tread.
    I joined some time around October 2010 so I could participate in the Halloween contest (the level didn't make it in time). I played LBP religiously for over a year from my birthday in April 2009 to the release of LBP2, which quickly became my (then) favourite game.

    While I was out at a restaurant with the family last night I thought back on my many, many years of playing Media Molecule's magnum opus and reading the LBN forums. I got a painful pang of nostalgia, which is why I'm now here, writing this, 11:53 AM in Sweden, just woke up. Seeing Enochroot's username at the top of the page made me happy.

    I don't have the Dreams EA and I am still waiting for the pre-order I got for Christmas last year. I live on an island outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Best city in the world. It may not have a skyline but it has heart. I go to music school! I play the guitar and have done so for four years (five in January).

    I am, and have always been a creator. When I was young I googled "level editor" and just downloaded everything I could (you can imagine how that went). From there I went to Super Mario Flash, where you could make your own Mario levels. And then after that of course, came Little Big Planet. When I picked up the guitar, almost by accident, I was hooked immediately. I started out just wanting to learn how to play the intro to Metallica's 'Fade To Black' but I quickly got an urge to write, something that I've done a little over the years. I've published a few electronic albums on bandcamp and similar sites but I'm not really proud of them. I'm currently working on my first album featuring the guitar, what I've wanted to do for the past five years but "couldn't", but then through listening to bands such as Car Seat Headrest who recorded their early stuff on a laptop microphone I realized I don't have an excuse and started recording my music with a shitty guitar hero microphone just placed right in front of the amplifier.

    Anyway, it's good to be back in an LBN-esque community, I'm looking forward to playing, creating and sharing Dreams with you!

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    Howdy! Good to see you again. Man, you are going to be floored when you get your hands on Dreams! Welcome aboard.


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        howdy! glad you found us again!
        yeah a lot of the old LBN crew moved on to here...

        we were all sad when LBN went dark :(
        from the sounds of it, you will love Dreams, so many people have made music in it and you will probably have fun creating music along with anything else you want

        hope you have a nice time while you are here!
        let us know if you have any questions

        on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!


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          Hey Z, great to see you again,
          Good news mate...Dreams release announced for Feb 14th

          looking forward to sharing the dreams adventure with you