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Hello again! It's monypm

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  • Hello again! It's monypm


    It's been so long.

    I think I was like 13 or younger when I played LBP the most and I was thinking about LBN and lbpforum earlier today. Then I found this, with a lot of the people I remember from back then (although sadly I've forgot about some). Now I do software (not videogames though), and next year I'll graduate from my undergraduate if things go well. Things have changed a lot, but life's good.

    I tried finding my old avatars/signatures, but I couldn't find any haha.

    I'm so glad I found this place, even if just to know some of the people from back the are still out there somewhere

    How are things?

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    Welcome back! I hope Dreams will leave as lasting a memory as LBP has over the years


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      Hey monypm nice to see you here, good to hear you're doing well.


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        MONYPM!!!! how you doing?!? its been years!
        glad you found us, congrats on school and stuff, sounds like you have been busy!
        how is your brother doing these days?
        yeah a lot of us are still around
        hope you stick around and meet all the new people.
        let us know if you have any questions!

        on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!


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          Mony! Good to see you! Welcome aboard.