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Character Designer from California, now in Japan :)

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  • Character Designer from California, now in Japan :)

    Hi my name is Luigi Lucarelli. I'm a professional character designer working in the animation and game industry. I'm so excited for Dreams, never had a chance to participate in the beta so I'm really looking forward to playing with and learning all the tools in Dreams.

    I plan on making lots of games based on ideas I've been thinking up for years now. At the very least I'd like to start creating 3D characters models based on my character designs.

    I'm also looking forward to be a part of this community and hope I can meet some cool people here

    Here's a link to my art in case anyone would like to see:

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    Hey mate, welcome!
    I checked your art and I really like what you created. Some great artwork here. I'm looking forward to what you can create in Dreams.


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      welcome to the site! glad you found us, always room for more creators
      hope you have a nice time while you are here.
      let us know if you have any questions

      LOVE your art by the way, love the style!
      we have a couple members in Japan i think now... and none are Japanese

      on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!


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        Luigi, howdy! Welcome aboard man, glad to have you here. Was checking out your stuff and wow! Nice work. I especially liked "Wreck." Very cool.


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          welcome to dreamsverse dude, looking forward to sharing the adventure with you
          we have a few members based in Japan...
          waffle is another American dreamer based there, he does a lot of streaming


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            Hi Luigi,
            as others have said your art is really awesome.

            If you don't mind asking, are you working on a Japanese company right now?

            Let's see what awesome characters you create in dreams :D


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              Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Hope to share and create cool stuff with you all!

              Yrruf I'm living in Japan but I work remotely with a bunch of different studios and clients from all over the world


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                I remember seeing that cyber Link stuff sometime ago. Amazing work, glad to see ya in Dreams!


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                  Fantastic art dude, welcome to the forum