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  • Me myself and I

    Hello! My name's Michael though I typically go by iAnony online.
    I been playing LittleBigPlanet since day one on the very first game in the series.

    I am EXTREMELY creative. Since I was a little boy I'd always try and create something, from paper to wood, it didn't matter, I always wanted to create something. So when LBP was announced you could imagine how excited I was to get my hands on it.

    Ever since the very first game I have been creating games and worlds within LittleBigPlanet although I haven't been uploading content in a long while.
    Some of my "well-known" under another PSN name (crazy-me17) were the Crash Dummies series I created in LBP2, and one of the first 3D MineCraft Creative Modes for LBP.

    I own a YouTube channel, under iAnony where I've created LBP Tutorials and such. I also do various PC gaming videos.

    Well that's about it. Can't wait to see you in the Dreamsverse!

    Thank you.

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    Hello! Welcome to dreamsverse!


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      Welcome to the DreamsVerse! Enjoy your stay.

      - Links -


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        welcome to dreamsverse IAnony
        great to have another experienced creator to share the upcoming dreams adventure with

        why not stick a link to your YouTube channel here:

        and your twitter link here:


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          Welcome to Dreamsverse, nice to meet you!

          -Let’s dream together-


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            Howdy!! Glad to have you here. Welcome aboard.


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              Looks like it's just me, myself, I, you, yourself, us, ourselves, we, them, their selves and they.

              ...Oh, and my pet rock is here too!


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                welcome to our neck of the woods :p
                hope you have a nice time while you are here, glad you found us!

                just let us know if you have any questions!

                on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!