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  • I'm here too

    Hello to everyone.
    I have finally found my Way here and i'm very happy to see that i'm not the only returning LBP Player. Yes i know this is about Dreams but i gotta admit that i didn't even finish the BETA.
    I just didn't have any Time for it. So many Things happened since my last Login to the nostalgic Sack-Community.

    For those my Name doesn't ring any Bell: I'm Dennis but the LBP Community knows me as DeKay1980. I've been very active back in the Days when Central was still online. And i even published a handful of Levels in the Games. Not the best but still made with Passion.

    I got Dreams full Game since Day one and even if i haven't done anything with it yet i'm pretty sure that i will find the Time to hop in and browse your Creations.
    I will also try to be more active here too. Perhaps in the LittleBigPlanet Section.. For now i'm just glad to have arrived.

    Have a great Day Y'all