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  • Hi everybody

    Hi everybody!

    I've been in the game since the open beta, but I've been taking breaks because I had to master the steep learning curve.

    I have always enjoyed drawing and a few years ago I had my first 3D experience with Blender.

    Unfortunately I suffer from a polyneuropathy which prevents me from drawing (trembling) which is why I am so incredibly enthusiastic about Dreams.

    I have found my joy in art again and the control possibilities of Dreams allow me to be creative despite trembling & co.

    Dreams has helped me and helps me again and again on crappy days.

    It is the little things:
    A homemade tree, the great dream of someone else or even a whole movie.


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    welcome to the forum Marcus!!! glad you found us!

    sorry to hear about the polyneuropathy, that sucks, but its cool you have found an outlet in Dreams!

    i hope you have a nice time while you are here and meet lots of like minded people!

    let us know if you ave any questions!

    on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!


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      Welcome welcome welcome! Glad to have you here and so happy that you have found Dreams to be a good outlet.


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        Thank you for your warm welcome


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          Very nice to read this. There’s things you don’t instantly think of that Dreams can help with and it’s great to hear you have found that creative joy again. I look forward to seeing what you create.



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            Very heartwarming to hear that you've found your love of art again!