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  • Introducing... Me!

    Hi everyone!

    Let me start by thanking EnochRoot for sharing this amazing forum. I had no idea it existed and I'm a sucker for old school forums. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Discord, but I can't keep up with the kids nowadays!

    I'm Matthew, I'm 31 and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I've been a fan of Media Molecule since the very first Little Big Planet. Traditionally I've always enjoyed the "play and create" aspect of their games, but have never been one for really sharing. In part because I worked at sea for so long with little to no internet at times!

    Dreams Beta and Early Access changed my feelings about the sharing aspect. The limitless options meant I wasn't trying to make the best platformer, or the cutest level, but I could literally make everything. And so I got to work on trees, rocks, all the usual things.

    One day I decided to create an Etch a Sketch - I was thinking of objects created using primitive shapes that the Dreamiverse was missing. It's just a square and two circles, so easy enough! But when I'd finished it, I wasn't satisfied. I wanted my Etch a Sketch to work. Like really work. But I had no idea at all how to make it happen.

    So I started with some rotators on the knobs to make them spin. And spin they did! Then I hooked up a controller sensor to control the spin. And a week later, I had a fully functioning Etch a Sketch. And it felt good!

    Since then, I've mostly been creating "Music Visualisation" in Dreams. I try to find some tracks I really love, and then pull a few Dreamiverse Assets to showcase in the Music Visualisation, and it's a ton of fun! As a player, it's not the kind of content I'd actively be looking for. But as a creator I find it so relaxing and enjoyable to make. So even if nobody else really appreciates it, it was worth it for the satisfaction of putting it together!

    And that's pretty much it for me and how I entered the Dreamiverse. Professionally, I work remotely for a medium sized SaaS company as Head of Internal Communications (this essay makes sense now, right?!). And my free time is spent with my other half, my two dogs Marley and Willow, and playing PS4!

    Looking forward to getting more involved in this forum and meeting more wonderful people!

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    Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Forums.

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      welcome to the forum! glad Enoch told you about it.
      so many people use the term Dreamsverse in & about the game and don't realize there is actually a site called that.
      nice introduction! Etch a Sketch sounds like a fun way to get into learning the tools.
      hope you have a nice time while you are here.
      just let us know if you have any questions!

      on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!


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        Good to see you here Matthew

        Looking forward to sharing the dreams adventure with you over the years to come...

        please feel free to post your creations in the section f or feedback and plays.

        * real life Enoch mother was from Londonderry making me half Irish and my RL forenames are Liam Patrick


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          Awesome! Glad to have you aboard. Welcome to our little home.