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What Moves You?....Signed Move controller Prize draw

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    Originally posted by Futurecloud View Post
    When is the livestream drawing? Date/time would be handy.
    Good luck to everyone that entered. And double good luck to me.
    draw entrants listing has been updated...
    Slight delay in draw. It will be held on the evening of Friday 27th July, the same day as the next Media Molecule livestream...double the reason to be hyped!


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      Just a heads up, the next Mm streams will actually be Thursday July 26th
      The last newsletter had an old stream date posted, I misread that and I’m guessing other people may have done the same.
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        I would create the world I've been imagining for about 5 years now. A world in which time doesn't exist. A black void that contains every possible universe. A world that's living, that's connected to an entity that controls it all. His name is Mimirac, he wears a trench coat with gold trim, and gold fringe shoulder pads. His eyes glow a bright blue, and inside he's made of pure soul and light. He's balded with his veins pulsing a white glow, and very tall. Though he looks intimidating, he's not all bad. He's not good either, he's neutral. An entity which balances universes. He's been there for as long as he remembers. The place he's in is called Division 0, an extremely unreal, ominous place. When you're there, it feels as though you're in a dream, like everything that's in front of you is just a lucid dream. But it's not. This place is the conscious of the entity. It's made up of anger, despair, sadness, and very rarely, happiness. While you're there you have the constant feeling of "I'm not supposed to be here.." and it's made clear by what happens around you.

        But that's just one place I'd make. :P It's a big part of this universe I've been building from the ground up for years, it has all sorts of timelines and worlds. I'm also looking forward to making my main character, a robot. Hope this isn't too long. Thank you!


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          A mythical rpg adventurer! So that would include town villages mountains volcanos forests temples of different elements castle of course. Cant forget those.