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What Moves You?....Signed Move controller Prize draw

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    Originally posted by juliattb View Post

    Hi-ya, I want to use the Move controllers to make some crazy sculpting and really cool and fast sketches to make me relax while I plan what to create!
    I've seen in quite a few streams and read in the EDGE interview that Media Molecule think just sketching and doodling around in create mode might be a very popular past time on dreams incidentally leading creators into great leaps of the imagination in unknown, unplanned directions...should be fun


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      Originally posted by cakito123 View Post

      I'd use the Move controllers holding each of them in one hand and opening my arms. Then I would start spinning all around my room to create a tornado in Dreams. That's something you can't do so obviously using a dualshock 4! Ha! :D

      Oh, sorry to ask but is this open for everyone in planet earth? I live in Brazil.
      Yes, so long as you’re on Earth that’s fine.
      Extraterrestrial shipping is just too expensive:p


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        With these move controllers, I will make the most surreal and fantastic experiences that both terrify and excite. These dream spaces, whether passive or interactive, will be fundamentally life altering... Something you cannot forget.


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          I would use these Move controllers to build Atlantis and telling the sad story of the day it has been destroyed by a Meteorite.


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            I would create something eerie, with secrets to find and some kind of mythology to discover. A_A


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              I want move controllers to make it more easy for me to create! I'm actually not that keen on creating using analog sticks from the Dualshock 4. I like to move my hands more freely when creating stuff instead of just pressing buttons!


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                Draw pool list updated....there's a lot of great ideas being posted, might return to this thread for some create inspiration when dreams is released


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                  I would love to create a supernatural world, with Angel's and Demons!


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                    I would like to make a "DreamsFaceAnimator" for the Community!!
                    It will consist in a basic face with movable points players can use to sculpt their characters faces over. Then they can write their games/movies dialogues and the animator will align those texts with the right mouth shapes accordingly. Players will be able to adjust expresion timing, movement of eyelids/eyebrows, record the animation and use it on their Dreams!!

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                      I imagine a sunlit desert filled with fallen skyscrapers. Resting upon one of the buildings is a giant robot, its eyeless visage looking up at the bright blue sky. Its hands are behind its head and a leg is resting over a knee. Below the robot is its pilot, hidden in the shade cast by the machine. She is waiting for the pickup crew to take her and her machine back home, to a distant city hidden beneath the sand.


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                        - I plan on trying my luck with a horror/survival level that allows the player to interact with their surroundings. It will be very immersive, along with very eerie music and unique characters.
                        I’ll have lots of other cool stuff planned as well, that’s for sure!

                        -Let’s dream together-


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                          I will build oddworlds and surreal structures and the most excentric scenarios. Unpredictable scripts and memorable characters. Mistery soundtracks and a history full of passion and romance.


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                            Foxko Creates

                            I want to create a world inspired purely from the 80's. The music, colors, lights, patterns etc. I would love to make an 80's styled nightclub where people can come and dance and drink in some nostalgia. Then they can go out into the 80' styled neon city.


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                              Looking forward to creating Azeroth (from World of Warcraft) in Dreams, while trying to push Dreams' engine without breaking it :D

                              Check us out at /r/Azerothdreams!


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                                I would love to create the worlds that have been floating around in my head since the I heard about this game. It's the perfect creative outlet for me!