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Trick or Treat Street - CoMmunity Create Event

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    It really worked out well! I am impressed with everyone’s contributions.


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      Also meant to mention, I’ve removed myself from all collaborations related to this project as I no longer need access to those or original creations


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        Great job putting it all together! I especially like the way you can see further down the street from earlier scenes.

        The follow cam is definitely a better solution, i had way too many cameras in there the trigger zone might need to be pulled in a bit tho as you cant see where your going if you try to jump up to the fireworks from the barrels on the roof

        Might need to get rid of one of the cameras i placed in the hall too, when you enter from the main room the camera flip can send you back into the main room
        Thanks for taking the time to run the event and put everything together and to everyone who entered!


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          Getting ready for the little prize drawing, here’s a list of everyone who posted here in chronological order:
          1. Strongblade
          2. InsaneAlphaBeta
          3. UglySofaGaming
          4. Helix
          5. toolbox
          6. Raku
          7. Bella_Iris
          8. TheOnlyRobie
          9. Mr_Rob0t_init1
          10. Dorian
          11. bugz500


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            Happy Halloween!
            Here goes the number spin:

            And the winner is... number 9
            Mr_Rob0t_init1 will be receiving some Mm collectible buttons and Mr Molecule stickers! (I’ve send you a private message)
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