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  • Psvr giveaway

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    To celebrate the release of VR in Dreams we are giving away a PSVR & a pair of Playstation Move Controllers!
    If you would like to win these for all your dreams creating and playing fun just enter by posting your name and PSN ID in the thread below...
    winner will be chosen by random draw Wednesday 22nd July
    Why not post an introduction in the intro section to make some new dreams friends? If you have created some dreams or assets feel free to post them in the creative experience section if you would like some plays and feedback.
    If you require any help or can answer other folks questions check out the Q & A section...please make yourself at home
    Good luck to everyone! Happy dreaming!

    Terms & conditions
    -This event & prize draw is conducted by an independent fansite
    - we accept all liability for the secure posting of the prize to the winner
    - no cash or alternative prize substitutions available
    -the draw is open to all existing and new members who apply in draw thread, except EnochRoot who will be ensuring event scrutiny and he would probably eat the moves anyway
    -www.dreamsverse is not part of MediaMolecule or SONY, it is an independent site run by an assortment of loyal fans, creative dreamers and a couple of nutjobs

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    Thank you ever so much for the opportunity, I would love to make some VR experiences but lifes resources can be restrictive.

    Jason - Chaser5D

    Thanks again!
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    • #3
      Honestly, getting a PSVR for free is about the only way I'm likely to get one these days, so I'm definitely throwing my hat in for this!
      Name: Dan Burley
      PSN: Daburcor


      • #4
        The quality and diversity of stuff in Dreams is mind blowing so adding VR to the mix is going to be very interesting. I am really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with when VR is available

        Name: Lee
        PSN: Burning_Out


        • #5
          Hello, I’m Luke. I create a lot of different things in Dreams and I’m so excited for Dreams VR!

          PSN: Veganluke


          • #6
            YES I saw this on Twitter and thought I'd shoot my shot. PSVR will definitely change the way I make my art in dreams moving forward.

            Name: Jhaycee
            PSN: Jhayceee


            • #7
              Thaaaanks a lot for this give away ! I love creating games on dreams and VR, but I can't buy a headset now. Wonderful opportunity <3 !

              Name: Gabriel Gérard
              PSN: Kwotzal

              ​(​​​You can find me as Kwotzal on Instagram or Twitter too)


              • #8
                I've always been tempted to get a PSVR but it was always a luxury I just couldn't afford to get. Would love to get one for free so I can experience Dreams in a whole new dimension.

                Name: Steven
                PSN: Devils_Demon


                • #9
                  What a great opportunity. Good luck everyone!

                  Name: Vorn
                  PSN: VornDoom


                  • #10
                    Awesome! I honestly want to win one for my son.

                    name Justin McMenamin
                    PSN Irishmile


                    • #11
                      Cool! I'm joining groups and websites in order to promote other people's work through my Twitter so people can see amazing works. If I had the moves I would be able to not only create, but be one step closer to getting full VR to play vr creations when they come out too.

                      Name: Jessica
                      PSN: JJ-Novots


                      • #12
                        Very generous giveaway, why not give it a go!

                        Name: Sean
                        PSN ID: SeanVertigo

                        - Links -


                        • #13
                          Hello! I’m RurouniDan and I make things and stuff! Check out my dreams page to see all the things and some of the stuff. I want PSVR to make fancy VR things for ppl

                          Name: Dan


                          • #14
                            Always been interested in the PSVR.

                            PSN: pjhaan
                            Name: Paul Haan


                            • #15
                              It says "all members" so I'm a throw my hat in the ring.