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  • When the Harvest Ends...

    I just finished up a new level featuring Toggle. This level will probably be the last Toggle level that I make. The level has an Autumn/harvest theme and is set in a barn. I would say this level is a sequel to one of my other Toggle levels called Where the Dust Settles. Anyway, the level is a platformer with lots of mechanics that are physics based. There are a ton of apples to get worth 2000 points each (some are harder to get to than others). Any feedback is appreciated and if you have any issues please report them. There are some nifty signs in the level with some lbp people's names on them that I am friends with on twitter and an homage to Poms. Thanks to Z1091990 who also came up with one of the mechanics in the level.

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    Played this last night and I loved it, levels like this tug at my creative heart strings. Dang you shookie, this was so fun to play! Thank you for creating this wonderful level!