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Does DreamsVerse plan to hold any LBP contests?

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  • Does DreamsVerse plan to hold any LBP contests?

    It's been quite a long time since I last hopped into LBP and the forums. Started playing again and found out that LBN no longer exists(sort of). Does the staff plan on holding an LBP contest any time soon? I was just curious as create contests were a lot of fun back then.

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    All our future contests will be for Dreams
    We all loved doing LBP contests, but the last few at LBN and at LBPCentral had fairly few participants. So our site contests will be for Dreams, but if you or other community members wish to make a contest or creation event please feel free to use this forum.


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      The last contest of LBPC was fun to make for us, the crew. But I think not many would participate. Some Dreams contests would be cool though. Also, MM's Community jams.


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        No plans for contests. This site is the evolved from LittleBigNetwork, as LBP activity died and demand lessened we switched focus to dreams. When we were LBN our contests were highly regarded and original but it would take some substantial changes in LBP to make them viable again...a release of a new LBP title preferably not made by SUMO and a change in the awful community management. It would be nice to see a revival of interest or new direction in LBP but no signs of this on the horizon.