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  • Contest of destruction!

    Who doesn't love a little bit of destruction? I know I love to make creations, that destroy other creations So, to make my LBP section reliving and 'management' official, I thought let's make some fun out of it with a contest of destruction.
    How does it work?:
    Participants will get a week-long to make their craziest, most destructive, and maniacal construction, one that will be able to destroy as much as possible!

    1. The creation(s) has/have to be original.
    2. You can use any kind of destructive items (like bombs or logic or etc)
    3. No glitches or glitch destruction.

    how to post?
    if you want, you can post a picture or a video of your crazy construction(s). if you have another idea of showcasing it, I would gladly try to do so.

    I like to think of everyone as a winner, actually, I want to see what others will come up with, and I also think future contests I will operate in will be the same.
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