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  • last hurrah

    Greetings everyone,

    At long last I am finally shutting the site down ( We have an archive thanks to Hanfi1311 and at the end of May, I will be sending the email to shut the site down. It's been fun, but lack of visitors and the site needs some serious attention that I would really rather not deal with. I saved it more than enough times and I think it is time for a nice nap. << LBPC archive.

    If you want to stop by and say one last hello, by all means.

    Otherwise, see you around the omniverse or whatever it is these days. lol

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      Thanks for all you did to keep it going!


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        I already said it on LBPC Jdubs but again, thanks for keeping it alive for as long as you did. It's sad to see it go, really it is. I wish the Dreams community was as vibrant and active as LBP was. Seems forums just aren't the thing anymore.


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          It was my pleasure!! and that is a great point about forums. Someone mentioned Discord and that seems to be the new thing for gaming, but not sure how useful for play create share games.