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  • E3 2019

    An interesting E3 this year. some great titles to look forward to. What are your highlights? Which trailers/announcements have left you hyped or underwhelmed?...

    For me, Cyberpunk 2077 looks with added Keanu Reeves too!

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    Yes! Cyberpunk looks amazing! I don't actually play a whole lot of games... was mostly LBP and now Dreams.
    Some games though... like the new God of War and hopefully Cyberpunk, are good enough to set all else aside for the sheer experience.
    And yes... Keanu Reeves is an appreciated bonus.


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      One title I'm not so sold on is Watchdogs 3...the original was very underwhelming, failing to live up to it's promise.
      The second title I passed on given my experience in the predecessor and now the third has gone a really bizarre narrative route.
      I'm stridently anti-Brexit but even I find this a little too much exploitative jumping on the woke bandwagon.
      The worst thing is the poor voice acting, sounding like something out of a mockney Guy Ritchie movie...

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        And for those Marvel fans hoping to continue enjoying the Avengers now the Endgame story has finished looks like this may be a fun title...

        one point of consideration is wouldn't it been so much better if the MCU cast had voiced the characters? Maybe contractual and financial barriers made this untenable but when you consider the videogames industry generates far more income than movies and the cast could have been offered a % of the games profits this would have made it even more of a must purchase for marvel fans and gamers alike


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          May not be a surprise to anyone but this was definitely my favorite announcement:

          Loved Travis Strikes Again but I was a bit anxious that we might not see a “real” third installment of the series after all. Even so, this doesn’t show much, but I’m glad to know it’s real now and there are a ton of implications to go off of from the text segments of TSA, or even some other parts of it, if there is any continuity to take seriously. Loved that it had multiple references to the first few cutscenes of the original game.

          Otherwise, there was more stuff on Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina, Pokémon Sword & Shield, The Outer Worlds, Link’s Awakening, all of which I have varying amounts of interest in. Cyberpunk May be good but gameplay being shown exclusively at E3 and not to the public leaves a bad taste based on principle.

          Sequel to Breath of the Wild I have mixed feelings on. Like BotW for the most part, but better dungeons and enemy and boss variety are a must. Still want weapon degradation, but much slower and some means of repairing items. Lastly it needs better voice acting and writing overall but who knows. Although, the most worrisome aspect is the world it takes place in. I’m all for reused assets to make a new experience, a la Majora’s Mask or Fallout New Vegas, but I’m wondering if they’ll just copy paste Hyrule with some barebones edits...I suppose I could hope for something like Stilwater in Saints Row 2 where it was expanded on in every way, rather than Steelport in 4 which was downright lazy.


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            I missed this from E3 but being one of the generation of kids who were scared to go into the deep end of the local indoor municipal swimming pool as a kid after seeing Jaws it really appeals to me...


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              Originally posted by EnochRoot View Post
              one point of consideration is wouldn't it been so much better if the MCU cast had voiced the characters?
              I think that with the success of Spider-Man on PS4 which avoided all three live-action spideybois, they want to expand on these original stories (hopefully with a tie-in for us PlayStation folk, that's what they seemed to have been hinting at).


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                It's very interesting information. I like it.