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    Nowadays plenty of games offer this feature, ranging from good to kind of really bad - what are your favorites? And do you typically try to recreate characters from other games or media, or role play your own, or just kind of build whatever?

    I like the amount of options in Saints Row 2, despite everything you make turning out ugly anyway. Shame since it’s my favorite game of the series, wish they’d rerelease it. Anyway, usually I make a sort of dominatrixey boss, but this time I tried to make Kiryu from the Yakuza series. Thankfully there seems to be enough clothing in the game for all kinds of different styles.

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    I don't know what it is, but anytime a game gives me the opportunity to create a character, I try to make them as weird as possible. I don't know why. Giant noses, eyes very far apart, or tiny noses with tiny eyes very close together. They really are monstrosities. I don't know why I do this. My Sims characters are hideous but then I'll throw a couple normal ones in there too. So I'll have a family of ghouls and then maybe the little brother is the "normal" one.


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      Spore was one of my favorites, but Dreams puppet creation is very similar. The only thing is that puppet creation is much harder, but allows for more customization. I have the same complaint for both of these though... floaty controls. To be fair, I have not really gone into puppet creation that far in Dreams.


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        I always try to make my character resemble me as much as possible as it helps engagement with the game's narrative...not that it's ever that accurate as I don't often carry a giant sword or jet pack in real life.