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  • PSN Name Changes

    As of today PS4 users will be able to change psn names, more info here:

    And coMmunity manager Tom has said that Dreams Early Access will be compatible with name changes, doing so should not cause any issues with accessing content created in beta

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    considering making a poll of names and letting folks vote on what I should change it to...


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      Finally! Too late for me though. I already made a new account for the name I wanted.


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        EnochLikesKitchenTiles sounds more fitting don't you think?

        Cool news btw. I wonder how many folks will love the change. Probably a lot.


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          I can’t even consider changing my psn, some people in real life call me by it so there’d be way to much explaining :p


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            I did see there are some issues related to LBP and the PSn name changes? The community management reassurance that a few people might have some issues was very reminiscent of those damage control posts he made when LBP3 was unleashed stating a few people were experiencing some issues whilst all the while knowing the game wasn't fit for release


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              In the LBP games you'll likely keep everything, except for:
              - Published photos - They are published under your old name, any new photos you upload are uploaded with your new ID
              - Your scores on levels - If I have a score of 100 points under my old ID, my new ID won't have a score there at all, you need to replay
              - Your objects that you currently have saved belong to your old ID - As far as I know you can place them down and recapture them to have them under your new ID
              - Comments under your old ID will be locked - New comments get posted on the new ID, perhaps a fresh start?

              The rest should stay. I'll try out with my old account and report back to y'all if you want.
              Didn't have any comments on my account anymore, no scores, photos in my popit and no building stuff that was owned by me. That moved to the Community section I think. It's mostly fine folks. One time is free, second time costs 10 bucks.
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                Originally posted by Pookachoo View Post
                I can’t even consider changing my psn, some people in real life call me by it so there’d be way to much explaining :p
                Ohhhhhh geez. I just got the play on words. So there's Pikachu, that sounds like "pee" and you've put the "poo" in Pookachoo.