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The new <Mr.> Glass film, a disaster or a masterpiece?

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  • The new <Mr.> Glass film, a disaster or a masterpiece?

    Yesterday I went out with my father to our cinema to see the so called Mr. Glass film, now I didn't really know what I should expect out of the film since I am not much of a movie watcher so I did not have a clue that this film is a continuation to the past "Unbreakable" franchise movie/s. So we enter with the popcorn and juices and I see that a company I sorta know helped to make it (bloom house) which made me think inside "Ohhhh maybe it is gonna be a spoopy one :3". The lights go down, a person gets superman punched, and it starts with a promising sortoff horror movie vibe, but then it goes over to what I like to call....talks...and allot of them. Now to whome didn't watch yet I don't want to spoil too much so:
    It is very hard to understand allot <well I guess that anyhow> if you didn't watch the past movies, like what are the actors you watch, why is the beast one so weird and who is Mr. Glass? I would say towards the end it gets more understandable, but it could be a whole horror-ish or fugitive kind of film all the way imo thats the most I'll spoil.
    So overall the too much talking in my opinion made the film very dull and/or boring I almost fell asleep (Yes also my father did so) So I would say in a rate in my opinion this movie is a "meh". But I would love to hear anyone else opinion do you think Glass is a disaster or a masterpiece? and did you watch the past ones or went blank headed like me?

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    M.Night Shyamalan films are always a love or hate kinda experience. His signature big twist in the film does keep you guessing and thinking.
    To appreciate this film you have to previously have seen Unbreakable and Split as this is the third in the Superhero trilogy.
    I really liked Unbreakable for its unique take on the Superhero genre, arguably the best real-world superhero movie out there. Split is available on netflix and has a great performance from James McAvoy. I have yet to see this one but will catch it at some point. The different approach to this genre can come across as quite interesting compared to totally action focus of most superhero films. I loved Watchmen too for this reason.