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No Beta members comfort thread. Joke thread game.

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  • No Beta members comfort thread. Joke thread game.

    Hey all, so Monday was the last day, that I know of, that beta codes have been sent out.

    So I've made a no beta thread for those who signed up for the beta but haven't gotten in.

    So to cheer those up who hoped to get in but didn't, let's give that person to post next after us a nice little gift It can be anything you want.


    1st Poster:
    I post, here is Hotdog for those who didn't get in,

    2nd poster:
    Thanks for the hotdog, but yeah bit sad I didn't get in, but this hotdog will cheer me up. I've got a toy Rocket for the next person.

    3rd poster
    I'll take that! Should see me though. Here's a PS5 I've got from the future

    etc etc

    So, yeah I'll be fine till release date but to help the next person get through, here is a yummy Bacon sandwich for you.

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    Thanks for the Bacon Sandwich!

    But I'm a vegan....

    I have the lingering feeling that this Forum game won't last very long for those who didn't get in.

    [Side note:] Can we please write the item we're giving in bold?


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      maybe this may be of some comfort