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Happy New Year 2019 the Year of Dreams

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  • Happy New Year 2019 the Year of Dreams

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and Dream filled 2019
    Looking forward to sharing the upcoming adventure with you all as we enter the Dreamiverse together
    Any resolutions or hopes for the new year?

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    Another year, yet another kick in teeth!

    Nice to see all of you on the other side! Let's all hope 2019 isn't as arduous as the year before it...


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      I don’t do New Years resolutions because if it’s been on my mind but I haven’t gotten my act together over the past year, well... one more days isn’t gonna make a difference :p


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        Happy New Year! One more lap!! Woot!!

        Resolutions? We don't need no stinkin resolutions! lol
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          Missed this thread earlier. Cute pompom skippyball dj btw

          I'm wishing all the Dreamers here a very creative and successful 2019!

          No real resolutions this time around. At least none that I am committed about and really tackling right now. More a couple of idea's of what I want to do for myself this year. Still half in holiday mode though.. :S
          But who knows, maybe I'll start some healthy habits next week