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Batman Ninja.....disapointed contains spoilers

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  • Batman Ninja.....disapointed contains spoilers

    Hi all o/

    So I've watched Batman Ninja recently on Netflix and I've got to say I'm honestly disappointed with. it.
    So below I will be talking about why I'm disappointed with it so it will contain a few spoilers.


    Ok first off it begins with promise. The idea of Batman going back in time to the ancient era of Japan sounds amazing but it quickly falls flat. Here's why.


    But Martin, I hear you cry, I thought you said Batman went back in time? Not forward. Well For some odd reason in the first half of the movie when Batman goes after Joker in his batmobile because....reasons. So Joker somehow manages to attach giant robot arms to his castle?!

    Then at the ending of the movie all 4 villains are having this huge robot castle battle! But whyyyyyy? It's ancient Japan not Japan in the year 3000!
    And of course, it's got all the robot tropes of transformations, combining together etc.
    But yeah to me a movie about Batman going to Japan in the past that has robots defeats the point of him going back.

    2. waaaaaaaaaaay too many characters
    So you ever watched a movie based on a franchise that has quite a few characters? Well, Batman being one of them has a lot and I mean a lot of characters in it, at the top of my head here is a list of characters in the movie.

    1. Batman
    3. Alfred
    4. Robin
    5. Red Robbin
    6. Nightwing
    7. Red Cape....head....mask...something
    8. Joker
    9. Harely Quin
    10. Deathstroke
    11. 2 Face
    12. Penguin
    13. Poison Ivy
    14. Gorilla dude man Gord or something.
    15. Bane * for like 2 mins of the whole film*

    THAT is a lot of characters and for me, if you add characters they need to play an important part in the story. Most of them don't. Most of them just feel like they been added there for the sake of it. I mean, what was all of Batman's friends just there on the same night the time-warped happened? Seriously some of there reasons were like "Oh we JUST so happened to be there"
    I mean Alfred was brought along by Catwoman for some odd reason?
    And don't get me started on Banes BIG ROLE in the movie. You see him for 2 mins if that.
    And again all the other villains besides the Joker and Gord felt like side DLC characters.

    3. The story
    Was.....ruined by the above...too many characters and the robots destroyed it.

    What I expected.

    Is a Batman movie where he goes back in time and has to adapt to the old ways of Japan and with this Samurai warriors take on the Emperor Joker in a classic showdown!
    Instead we got Batman meets Ninja Turtles III tossed in with Power Rangers.