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What are you proud of?

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  • What are you proud of?

    It would be interesting to read what you have all accomplished or feel proud about doing. It could be a high score, a poem published in a book, your own website, working at a dream job, owning a dream car, anything you like!

    For me, I’m proud to be a dad and have responsibility to look after my family. Also I feel I have accomplished a lot by becoming a permanent resident in another country in less than four years!

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    proud of my collections
    my art collection,
    my toy collection, my 8mm /16mm film collection.
    my projector collection
    my movie collection
    my gaming collection
    my collection of plants

    i collect, and i am proud of it
    (that's why i started a thread called "Collectors Corner")
    (happy early fathers day too!)
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      Well, my response is going to seem pretty lame. My life has gotten much simpler as of late, so I really don’t get much done but I am happy. I did get all skyshards in Cyrodiil (PVP zone) in Elder Scrolls Online, but I did that on a server that’s not very busy because I really hate PVP and don’t do well there. I also got a platinum just a few days ago on Rime.


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        I'm proud of learning how to make a website. Before I had absolutely no idea how to start and now I can make basic front end sites. Still trying to learn back end stuff.


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          This is one of those rhetorical questions, right?


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            Sure lol

            Not having anything to be proud of isn’t a bad thing either.


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              I am proud of being me.
              Proud of being good at LittleBigPlanet
              Proud of being good at Minecraft
              Proud of having an extraordinarily large vocabulary
              Proud of succeeding in bodybuilding and getting my dream body
              Proud of getting two 99's in Runescape
              Proud of being an extraordinarily fast keyboard typer
              Proud of accomplishing everything I have, so far set my mind to
              Proud of being very self aware
              Proud of being confident with who I am
              Proud of laughing at myself when ever possible
              Proud of doing things the way I want to do things and not letting anyone influence me
              Proud of being intelligent
              Proud of what I've so far been proud of


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                I've been thinking about this question since I saw the thread title a couple of days ago...a question that can be fun and light-hearted but also one that could lead to a little introspective thought. I guess being proud of something means it gives you a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment or achievement?
                Maybe being a part of the family of friendly nutjobs and brilliantly talented creative folks who somehow came together through an interest in an unusual Media Molecule game called LittlebigPlanet to go and create a discussion forum called, which eventually became littleBignetwork, one of the nicest places to spend some time on the interwebs free from all the harshness and stress around. The original ideas, events and competitions were the best of any site among the LBP community and Mm gave us our own in-game pin and a spot in their monthly Media Molecule picks selection, back in LBPs glory days.
                On an individual basis, I always tried to create original unique experiences on LBP which were generally favourably received by the playing community with good ratings and really nice reviews amassing well over a million plays despite zero team picks (which will sadly never happen a consequence of speaking truth to those in power with fragile egos)

                In the real world, I used to be heavily into weight training and was pretty successful winning quite a few Powerlifting meets, going on to represent the UK in Europe in the 82.5Kg class (where I got my butt well and truly beat in Belgium) but that was 20 years ago and whilst it's a pleasant memory the aching joints and knee op not so much...

                I think one thing I can say with real certainty that I am truly proud of is the default answer any parent will daughter


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                  Hrmm...i've been thinking about this one for the past couple of days, which is the sign of a good question (or one of those awful riddles, where there's no real answer, What've i got in my pocket, indeed...).

                  i don't come by pride easily. Too many things that i've done or accomplished can be written off by my brainmeats as right-place-right-time, or too heavily dependent on the help of others. Whether that's true or not is entirely besides the point.

                  But, this past year and a half and change, doing the two LBP YouTube series. A lot of the improvement in those has been from support and feedback from viewers, and for that i'm extremely grateful; and of course, they couldn't exist at all without the toolbox provided by MM and Sumo (like 'em or lump 'em, credit should be given where it's due) and the efforts of so many creators making levels just for the joy of making levels. Still, at the end of the day, i'm doing the recording, i'm doing the set-ups, the editing, i'm keeping things ready and on-schedule and uploaded to be hot and fresh every Friday morning at 8a. i think i can be proud of that, if nothing else.
                  Dreams community creations look-ats at FeverdreamS
                  LBP community creations look-ats at LittleBite-sizedPlanet
                  Come join us for streams on Twitch too!


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                    Well said, EnochRoot and waffleking23! The LBP community is a rarity in that it was a positive and encouraging group of creators known for helping people and creating a welcoming environment. Thanks to you both for your contributions!

                    I’m glad I was a part of it, at least for a while! I try to pass that model on to the communities I participate in on PS4.


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                      Very satisfied with what you are all posting here. Many years of play, create and share have made a community we can all feel proud to be a part of.

                      i remember the LBL days, the LBP2 Beta and some of the crown comps which were all great memories.

                      I started a YouTube channel a few years ago and got nearly 900 views on one video (bloodborne)but I lost the account after my ps4 signed out and I couldn’t reset the password lol

                      now I’m trying to make music on a new account, hoping I can achieve mastering guitar


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                        So glad to have been part of the LBP community as well back in the day ^^ They were formative years for me and I wasn't always at my best, but it was a wonderful experience engaging with LBP and the community.

                        Hmm two things I'm really proud of
                        - In November I finished and released my first album (I've made lots of music but nothing I'd call an 'album' in the traditional sense), and also my first time using my voice in music (and in some weird experimental ways too!). I had plenty of challenge in making it (including a hard drive crash halfway through making it. Ahh!) and zero budget, but I'm proud of how it turned out. Of course I'm always thinking also how it could be better, and I hope my next album when I'm ready to make it will reflect that ^^

                        - At the risk of sounding a little pretentious xP I'm really proud of the way I live my life! I try to be a very 'intentional' person, thinking about things from the ground up and creating my own framework instead of using society's. An example of part of how I live that I'm really proud of: I fully support myself off 2 days (15 hours) of work each week, at just over minimum wage. Now, I will preface by saying I am in the lucky circumstance of coming from a place of privilege: no student debt, or any debt, and about $3000 saved up when I started living like this a couple years ago. But yeah basically I am very strict with my budget, my meals are almost never over $2. Low monthly expenses compared to most people ($30 phone plan, on an old phone that cost me $5, basic internet package shared with roommates, no car, minimal transit costs because I'm a bit on the reclusive side xD). I almost never 'go out' - I have people I care about who I spend time with but we will spend time in a way that doesn't cost money, usually at one of our places. My rent is relatively cheap for where I live, and lucked out with a great room and comfortable living situation in general. I only drink tap-water at home, and my work is next door to me so not transit cost to work.

                        Obviously this kinda thing wouldn't work for everyone, but I do think/hope it might be useful to some people trying to figure out how to support themselves, even if maybe only one of these things feels applicable. Also, I'll sometimes work 3 days a week (not usually though), and now I'm working sundays which gives me 1.5x pay on that day (I'm a barista). This actually means on my budget I am saving a little money each month now whereas before I was just breaking even!

                        For me, a full time job is basically death. I need time to myself, and to give to others, to be happy. Although it would be nice to get a better paying job and more enjoyable job, working no more than 2 days a week with some exceptions is a mandatory requirement for any new job I look at.

                        I'm really proud that I've been able to make this work for myself!

                        Hope that wasn't too personal xP but hopefully it is nice to be personal and share things that people don't usually talk about


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                          I'm proud of different things:
                          1) I've learned 3 languages (German, Chinese, and Spanish)
                          2) I've quit smoking. Now I'm vaping, but don't feel the addiction to cigarettes and that is the best feeling ever. I usually buy vapes in
                          3) I've been dreaming of moving to another country and I'm moving to Italy in 2 months!


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                            I also got platinum just a few days ago on Rime.


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                              Not only I'm proud of having a knack for music in general, I'm actually proud of just being...well, myself.