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    Originally posted by Xerorogue View Post
    I keep seeing stuff about JoJo Rabbit and I can't wait to see that one! The Irishman is another one I really want to watch.
    have you seen Jojo Rabbit yet?
    i love that movie, it gives you all the feels and is lighthearted the whole time too. i think the subject matter throws people off a bit.
    and if you have watched Game of Thrones or even the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, you will recognize a few of the characters

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      So, during these "Uncertain Times," LOL, I hate that phrase. Anyway, during these stay at home times, I've discovered Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel. I don't generally watch the movies, but they have a lot of the "murder mystery" 80's shows! For some strange reason I started getting into Murder, She Wrote. I never watched it when it was originally on, but now? It's freaking great! I love how most of the time at the end, she, Jessica Fletcher, will be talking to the detective or whoever and he'll say something and she'll go, "Hmm, let me go check on something." And then confront the killer with, "I couldn't figure it out...until the detective said the lightning never strikes twice, and that reminded me of that you had a lightning earring." And then the killer will confess everything! and be like, "alright, you got me, here's how I did it." Hilarious! And the freeze frame! I love the freeze frame at the end. Jessica will be talking to her friends and be like, "Jessica, you want a piece of pie? Oh no, I'm stuffed." hahahaha, and the picture will freeze. I love it!

      And then we've got Hart to Hart. Wow. I only watch this for the over the top cheese factor of this show. Wow oh wow is it cheesy! It wasn't originally meant to be a comedy but time has turned it into one!

      And now my favorite, Magnum P.I. Good ol' Tom Selleck. I love this show! Three episodes a day come on, back to back to back and I watch them all. Yesterday was a marathon and I watched 15 hours of Magnum! I didn't get to watch it much as a kid in the 80s because we only had the one TV and my folks didn't generally watch it. I think I'm going to buy the series on BluRay. I love it!

      Diagnosis Murder is another one. This one is in the "cheesy" category. It's Dick Van Dyke and his real life son solving murders. Dad is the doctor and son is the detective and it's hilarious.

      Anyway, that's what I've been watching lately.