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    If you are planning on going to see ReadyPlayerOne
    Skip this post...

    As it's Easter I thought I'd post a few Easter Eggs

    and a little discussion...

    As a fan of the book, I've been eagerly anticipating the films released and managed to catch on Thursday. I've been recommending the book to friends and on social media for quite some time but would the film interpretation do the book justice?
    Yes, I believe so given the constraints of the Film medium. The theatre of the mind always gives a deeper interpersonal engagement and bonding between the reader and the characters as you are more aware of their thoughts and motivations...but this can be advantageous when you see them brought to life on the big screen as that seed has already been planted.
    Speilberg approaches the movie as a blockbuster, with Ernest Cline the author, helping to modify the original source material as a consulting screenwriter.
    The visuals, game and culture references, soundtrack are all excellent. The story is revised due to the time constraint the film medium allows for...which does rob some of the depth of the novel..more time would have allowed relationships to develop more succinctly., but there is always the cliched demand movies shouldn't be too long, a perception I don't agree with.
    The aspects they dropped or changed which I was slightly disagreed with were:

    -No focus on Wade Wilson at school, which is an early focus in the novel
    - No real build up of the dystopian surrounding he was living in, more filth, poverty, disillusion and boredom in the Stacks where he lived...when they were bombed I felt much less sympathy for those who died as no time was really spent establishing relationship or the end of the film the citizens of the area look pristine and well dressed, almost straight out of an 80's film crowd background, I would have prefered more dystopia
    -the substitution of the damsel in distress rescue device wherein Arty is the one being held by IOI seemed slight compared to how Wade actually hacks the system and puts himself in that position of jeopardy, affecting his own escape from within in the novel is far more interesting and original.
    - When oasis was turned over to wades control he amended the financial disparity that had built up. making everything fairer and more equitable through re-distribution of wealth and assets, they didn't touch on that in the film..too political I guess

    But all these changes are understandable as they try and create something that is suited to the demands of a cinema audience rather than novel fanboys.
    The final battle was brilliant, far better than I had imagined and the games they substituted for some in the novel, such as the race at the start gave much more energy and pace to the narrative structure

    Overall I was really, really happy with the interpretation and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys the themes it touches on. Go see it on the biggest screen you can and read the book.


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      *hiding my eyes from your Ready Player One post*
      I don't go to the theater anymore, I watch everything online lol

      I love to binge-watch shows, there are so many I love and will recommend but to start I'll tell you about the last thing I watched. It's an online movie trivia game show. I already recommended this to B-coli lol. If you love movies, you should definitely check it out. I'm horrible at the trivia part because my brain is moosh but the show is super entertaining. Yesterday (Fri) was a special event called the Free 4 All where 48 people competed, it was crazy fun to watch. It gets even more fun once you get to know the competitors. I would love to have some LBP friends become Movie Trivia Schmoedown friends too

      Please check it out and let me know what you think. If you want to skip the pre-game interviews, the competition starts at 34:00.


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        A new Netflix series starring Martin Freeman is due for release next month based on this award-winning short film, definitely with a watch as it generates some last of us type feels...
        might create something like this on dreams as it would make a nice change of pace compared to the zombie horde type level experience


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          Hmm, I will definitely have to check that out. Thanks!


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            Two films that came out in the last couple years, and are fresh in my memory! --

            "The Square" is a recent and fantastic movie!

            As a reviewer on IMDB excellently put it:
            "'The Square' walks a sometimes humorous and sometimes harrowing trajectory between art and society. It explores issues of power and privilege from an almost bewildering number of angles and perspectives, manifested in all levels of relationship, social and sexual, primal and intellectual and does it in a way that brings the viewer into an intimate experience of the ramifications of our actions and points of view. The film is long and requires some commitment and is worth every minute."

            And completely different but equally recommended, "Night is Short, Walk on Girl". I cannot describe this movie and did not find a reviewer to quote in place of my own words. It's real creative and fun and whacky and a joy to take in.


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              Film 4 (and channel 4) Idents (Bumpers)

              Seeing as Film 4 are going through Studio Ghibli Season (Which I am just eating up like a̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶f̶a̶n̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶), I thought I'd post a few of Film 4's (and channel 4's) Idents, why not?

              Okay, to start us of, we have this one:

              It has popcorn in it, and I don't know about you, but I sure like popcorn.

              Channel 4, Junkyard:

              I love how this is seemingly filmed in one shot. Also, the fact that it's set in a junkyard really gets you ready for the crap you're about to see on Channel 4.

              Channel 4, Tokyo:

              I love the soothing, yet slightly eerie music we get in this one, and the lights of the streets there really help set the mood.

              Film 4:

              Okay, okay. Now this one's just adorable. Aww, weird two-frame animated lip movement.

              Film 4:

              Now this one's a bit odd, and basic, but there's something homely about it, y'know?

              Film 4:

              Start the projectors, it's time for a film.

              Okay, now it's time to get into the meat of why did this, with the current Idents (Or 'bumpers', if you're a yank) Film 4 use now:

              I just love these. They're eerie, beautifully dizzying, and they have red balloons in them. (Seriously: Try to spot the balloon.)

              They always seem to end in either homely way, or an eerily desolate one.

              Sorry that this is a bit of a long post, but hey, it's over now.

              I think I might be doing this again, with another channel. There's certainly a lot of Idents (Bumpers) out there...


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                EnochRoot, I finally saw Ready Player One today. I really thought it was a good movie, much better than the previews lead me to believe. I loved all the pop culture references too. My favorite was when one of the characters was searching for a weapon to use and the only thing he could retrieve was the glaive from Krull, one of my favorite movies.


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                  Still haven't seen Ready Player One. It's on the list! lol

                  I'm one of those dystopian, post-apocalyptic movie/book nuts and there aren't many new stories out there that are worth while to check out because the genre is so over done.
                  Yet I decided to try watching this new show that caught my eye on Netflix called The Rain. It's nothing we haven't seen before but I liked the way this show focused more on the survival against other humans aspect. Oh and it's Danish. I recommend checking this one out Has anyone else seen it yet?

                  (On the other hand, I do NOT recommend How It Ends, possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.)



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                    I added The Rain to my Netflix list just the other day! I haven't seen Ready Player One yet either but it did come in on DVD the other day, so I plan on watching soon.


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                      Will be interesting to see this retelling of the Xmen Phoenix story but not sure how they'll fare without Wolverine in the mix?


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                        We’ve been watching to new season of American horror story. Been watching the tick on Netflix and binge watched that 70s show an the office. We are about to cut the cord after this season of American horror story and catch shows like survivor on or Hulu. We are also considering just watching fox, cbs, abc shows thru a hdtv antennae.



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                          What is your opinion of the latest American Horror Story? I'm finding it to be better than recent seasons, but it definitely is fan servicey. Still a better season than the one is was based off of (coven). On a slightly less related note, I find it weird that both AHS and the Netflix Sabrina show decided to do a satanism plot that just replaced every reference to God in Catholicism with Satan... Wish they had gone a bit more creative than that, but sure. I did appreciate the faith side plot in sabrina that made the whole thing have a tasteful feel unlike AHS.


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                            It’s good, I am still an episode behind, but already know where it’s going (they intentionally wrote it that way) and I think there will be a twist.

                            really getting into the tick


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                              Sad to see Daredevil cancelled on Netflix, without doubt the finest Superhero TV series ever. Good scripting and characterisation, great acting and action.
                              It will be interesting to see what happens with the new Disney streaming service now they have the Marvel rights?...Not a fan of the direction they are taking so far as they are already trying to alter the very nature of some characters so they can maximize profits by exploiting younger audiences at the expense of the original.....a non-potty mouthed, less violent Deadpool isn't in keeping with the dark tone for instance...


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                                I would recommend the Netflix series as a good source of inspiration for anyone looking to create some scifi based story content in dreams. It's an anthology of short films varying in style and content, full of originality and superb varied graphical style. It's rated 18 for violence and adult themes but definitely worth checking out...