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  • Encanto

    Hello, this is me again. I decided to post this separately from everything because, well, I am obsessed with this new Disney film named: "Encanto".
    So let me "bring it in bring it in".
    Story-wise I'd say it is a little bit typical Disney storyline. non-spoilers. But I really like how they gave a unique character to each... character, instead of only to the protagonist. And, it is also one of the few times we get a human female protagonist, that is not a princess and, that becomes as strong as one both emotionally and mentally.

    The songs are absolutely contagious and can get in your head quickly. I know I had a good number of the songs in my head for weeks now... I'd say the directors knew what they are going for when they made them. Each song has a unique beat that resembles Colombian beats which are energetic.

    All in all, I am still obsessed with this film like no other Disney one. Now excuse me while I am going to listen to "We don't talk about Bruno" my 999th time.

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    I haven't seen this one yet but did watch the trailer a few minutes ago and it looks absolutely gorgeous.


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      I seen that "we dont talk about bruno" song in my youtube recommendations like 1000 times. One of my friends at school also told me that someone made a version that replaced the nouns with the word "rats". It would of sound like "7ft RATS RATS along its RATS ". That was the part my friend sang and its kinda funny! Here is the link:
      and an other video: