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    Welcome to yet another catalog of mdkd's kitchen tiles! (Today 99% less kitchen tiles)

    This time I present to you my new materials with fixed normalmaps that allow actual PBR instead of broken normalmaps. Here are a few examples:

    The stone wall/stone path didn't have the best normalmap, but I was able to fix that:

    The wall now has a better normalmap as well!

    Ah, the sidewalk. The rough normalmap didn't look so good. It still needs to be improved, but looks much better!

    And here another texture, a marble texture with a expected soft normalmap:

    And my newest texture: A very worn and rough metal. Still needs some tweaks, but the base is there:

    I am making quite some progress with my textures. It might be cloudy soon, and on that day I will go out again and shoot pictures of several surfaces. Man, at some point I can even imagine putting together some simple furniture assets and making a small techdemo focused on my textures and photorealism.

    Now, what do you think, folks? Did you like today's catalog of my textures?
    PS: I imported a tesselation shader into my project and one of my rock textures looks amazing with it. As if the rocks were actually there! Pictures will follow, you might like them, jwwPhotos
    Thank you all for tuning in!

    And here they are! Terrain textures with tesselation with handcrafted heightmaps!

    The forest floor that looked too flat to you is this one, right? The heightmaps I crafted for the tesselation method really pays off

    Another forest floor with a handcrafted heightmap for the tesselation method:

    And here's the one that took the most time to create:

    Can't upload the 4K or even the 1440p pic of it. It is very detailed. My GTX 1060 was kinda melting, even overclocked. 20ish fps with this expensive tesselation method for the whole Terrain of 2500 units and in 4K screen resolution.
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      Welcome back to mdkd's kitchen tile catalog!

      In today's post I will share two pictures. Only two. But one of these textures is iconic for this catalog:
      Click image for larger version

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      This kitchen tile texture was made from scratch with one photo where the kitchen tiles didn't even have straight lines. I was able to straighten it out and make a great looking 4K Kitchen tile texture. It features a Diffusemap, a normalmap, a heightmap, and a occlusionmap.

      And over here we have a new metal texture:

      This material features a diffusemap, a normalmap, a heightmap and a occlusionmap. Is it weird when I say that I can smell the metal in this picture? Do you smell it too?
      I have to say that I really want to get these textures out into the world. Making a Battle with Zombies minigame or something bigger like a Openworld-exploration heavy game is not possible for me right now. Maybe other folks can use these textures in a much more interesting context. And while in the guidelines of the Unity store it states that submissions not unique enough can be denied, I haven't seen anyone else making such a serious business with kitchen tiles. Seriously, these badboys can be a business.

      I'll look into that topic the next days/weeks and possibly make textures for the community. I've seen 5 PBR materials offered for 10-20 bucks, so asking 5 bucks for 5 structure themed materials shouldn't be too unrealistic. What do you think?


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        Some cool stuff. I like the reflection in that metal one.


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          Some cracked up floor:

          In the shadows:

          A stitched up road texture:

          A brickwall:

          I have 60 raw photos of cracked up floor with variations. I am very obsessed with that kind of texture. Then we have the road texture. Stitched up. 4 individual textures stitched up as one texture with no visible seams and patterns. The photo of this brickwall had lots of contrast and didn't even have straight lines. Some architecture here in my town is very bad when you look at the details. Anyway, I could make all these textures true 4K. Very high quality.


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            New textures were made!
            A new sidewalk texture:

            I kinda like this floor. Reminds me of rubbermat floors, but also a bit of metal tiles:

            A more defined cracked up floor with more defined normalmaps:

            The purely green grass cutout is my new texture, the one with the red extras is one of my older grass textures, that still holds up though:


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              On a small island...

              A wall with a better brickwall material (More defined cracks)

              What do you think?


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                I finally have my own plank texture:


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                  Hey folks,
                  I made some new textures. Here's a compilation picture:

                  And here are two of my new gras cutout textures with some trees and some water to make it look a bit more interesting:
                  Click image for larger version

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