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mdkd's... uh... kitchen tiles

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    All the time my textures had a max. resolution of 2048x2048 pixels. I switched to 4096x4096 in unity. It looks really good!

    Finally I have my own grass texture!

    A mixture of sand and dirt. Looks sharp, but isn't perfect

    Forestfloor texture



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      looks like there is a severe water shortage...and it's getting worse!


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        I downloaded Gimp and that software has a option to make a texture seamless. Nice.

        So here is the texture again:

        And here's the grass texture:


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          I downloaded the testversion of Photoshop, I might subscribe to the 12€ thing. I had a few problems in the beginning, but now it works fine. I created a normalmap in there and this is the result: A 4K concrete tile texture, that is wet:


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            Looks like there will be plenty of tile-related fun on dreams ... this is from the latest stream

            Click image for larger version

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              mdkd's kitchen tiles kingdom will also come to Dreams then. You heard it here first.
              Next on Polygon: 'Big creator 'mdkd' confirms Kitchen Tiles program for upcoming Dreams. Dreams is the most popular game at the moment.'

              I need to install Unity again at some point. I'm just not interested at the moment. I'm focusing more on LBP projects and the upcoming Dreams.


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                Not in Unity, but in LBP. A nice reflection on the kitchen tiles.


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                  And again in Unity. Concrete tiles and concrete wall:


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                    The reflection keeps getting better:

                    And this is the island I'm working on:


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                      Before I'll talk about Dreams and tiles there, here's something recent from Unity:
                      One of my best textures, this brickwall texture. Instead of Unity's normalmap generator I used one online that is free to use and has some more options. 4K, high detail and good normalmaps are essential for good texturing.

                      Anyway, Dreams. I'll recreate my Battle with Zombies maps there. I guess I might be able to recreate one map in the Beta. The rest will come when Dreams launches plus basically my Battle with Zombies game there. All the textbox options are really great as we saw in the LBP Dreams stream. Making eyecandy scenery is possible and a small stage like my BWZ maps should be possible.

                      Question: Where can I post a personal project for Dreams?


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                        LOL I visited your dreams profile looking for some floor tiles recently.Nice work above.
                        this section is for personal projects or collaborations:
                        also folks can use the Group functions here if they want to make create groups


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                          MDKD'S TILE CATALOG IS BACK!

                          Funny title, haha. Anyway, here's some of my recent work in Unity. Everything except for the trees and skybox was made from scratch. The textures, normalmaps, heightmaps and grass cutouts. Here are some pictures:

                          Finally a nice brickwall

                          A nice sidewalk texture

                          Grass and flowers with high density and detail

                          A path to a house (My testhouse where I test new textures and reflections)


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                            Some more ground textures:

                            Went to a playground for this texture:


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                              mdkd's catalog is back with three pictures of recent textures!

                              Here they are:

                              A lot has happened. I downloaded the new Post Processing Stack from Unity and lots of new cool features are added. Reflections, Eye Adaption, Color Grading, Bloom and so on. I made some new textures and the wall texture in picture 2 is one of my best textures. The subtle heightmap is handcrafted instead of generated. All textures are in 4K and when testing the scene in 2160p/4K screen resolution the details are all visible. I really love working on textures.

                              I'll be expanding this new scenery with trees and stuff like that. I started working on tree textures already. What do you think?


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                                I like them all! ..though the one forest floor looks a bit like particle board. Just seems flat.