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mdkd's... uh... kitchen tiles

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  • mdkd's... uh... kitchen tiles

    Hey folks,
    I was told that I can post my selection of kitchen tile - textures in this segment of the forum. Before I start off, here's some backstory:

    It started in 2016.
    After creating levels in LBP for 5 years (Now 7 years) I wanted more. I started using Unity3D (A game making engine). I didn't know too much about real game making, but I knew I had to start off with something I was good at. Making photos with my DSLR camera. I started shooting texture-pictures with my camera and I also watched some tutorial on how to make seemless textures. And I managed to make some usable textures. The folks over at Sackinima liked the textures. And after I was told to post them here as well, I started this thread.

    Okay, now let's get startedt:

    Here we have kitchen tiles (This is a 2D texture)

    Here we have stone tiles:

    This is the floor texture of my Terrain in Unity:

    I will definitely post more pictures in the future. What do you think?

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    For some reason I'm weirdly drawn to the stone tiles image


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      mdkd99, well on your way to becoming a Kitchen Tile Magnate(tm). i'll remember this day, when you stand astride the world, holding ultimate power in your tiled gauntlet.

      The tiles are quite nice, by the way.
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        Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll work on more textures soon.


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          any new tile ranges in the mdkd99 showroom collection for 2018?....must be a new catalogue coming soon


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            Here's a picture of my new kitchen tiles texture. I wanted this texture to be 4K. I think it looks good:

            And here's a picture of my two new textures. Bricks and concrete tiles:

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              Nice....stone tile is still my fave but the texture of these kitchen tiles is the best yet, pretty realistic


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                Here we have the 4K kitchen tiles texture again and this time with shack walls and reflections:


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                  I remade the kitchen tile texture to improve it even more. Look:

                  It has a lot more depth and the details are visible. What do you think?


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                    the lighting really makes the texture

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                      Here's a room:

                      I personally really like how this texture turned out.


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                        Are you still creating these with Unity?
                        I recently played the brilliant sci-fi shooter Superhot which was made on unity


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                          They look really well made! Seems useful in many ways, I love it!


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                            Yes, I still create these texture maps in Unity3D and now that I have a GTX 1050 TI graphics card I can finally test my scenes with 60+ fps! :D


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                              I think the kitchen tiles look good, don't need to improve them. But I was working on a forest floor texture. What do you think?

                              I think it looks good, but the rocks on it are too textured. Needs more work and with my new technique it's easier.