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Thermo Findings - Gameplay and Graphics

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  • Thermo Findings - Gameplay and Graphics

    I’ve done a series of test creations to explore the Gameplay and Graphics thermometers. I cover my findings in three videos (about 20 minutes total), and these test creations are also available in my Pooka Tuts Video Content collection if anyone wants to have a look in create mode.

    A few key points to highlight:
    • Cloning does not benefit the Gameplay thermo, however it greatly optimizes Graphics
    • 10423 Sculpts fill the Gameplay Thermo to maximum
    • 1% Gameplay Thermo =​​​​​
      • 82 Sculpts
      • 84 Paintings
      • 128 Gadgets
        • 16 Spotlights will Hit a Limit for cast shadows
        • 10 Doorways is a limit, but it will generate a false reading of 100% thermo capacity

    1 of 3 - Sculptures

    2 of 3 - Paintings

    3 of 3 - Gadgets