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  • Tagging Players and Collections

    Tagging other players in Dreams can be done by simply adding @ before their psn in a comment or description, creating a clickable link to that persons profile. This is a nice way to reference or thank someone.

    It’s also possible to create a clickable link to any Collection, so long as it’s Playable and Listed. Note that other creations cannot be linked, this only applies to Collections.
    View the creation on - you only need the last part of the url including the last slash, for example:
    Enter that text into a comment or description in Dreams and it automatically creates a clickable link!
    This is especially useful if you have a collection of your favorites that you want to link in your profile description, or if you’ve made a collection of assets that can be linked in the description for a Dream.

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    Thanks for the useful tips @Pookachu


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      Oh, wow! I didn't know you could do this in descriptions! Thanks for the heads up!