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Down by the Docks

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  • Down by the Docks

    Down by the Docks is a 2.5D platformer featuring a double jumping Connie. I wanted to do a little LBP style level and this is the result. I am still learning (LOL) and this level uses a lot of Key Frames and Timelines which come in handy for sure! Anyway, I hope you like it and any feedback is welcomed. I am planning on doing a follow up to this at some point but I would like to use my new knowledge of key frames and apply that to a 3D platformer.


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    Looks really cool! It's in my queue just haven't had the chance to play it yet.


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      Played this one the other day. I was really impressed with the backdrop visuals and the overall gameplay mechanics. Really cool ideas and classic platforming. Great fun level. My only thing was I thought the water moved too fast. For me it was almost a distraction and took away from the level. But, still, fantastic level. Really enjoyed this one.


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        I just played it earlier. I really enjoyed it. Had a nice LBP vibe with great 3D visuals.The crates and planks with the bolts reminded me of the stuff I used to have fun crafting in LBP. Great memories! The whole stage was very well thought-out and cleverly designed, it was very fun to play. Can't wait to see more stages from you.