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    I finished up another Dreams level a few days ago. This is a follow up to Valley of the Fallen. I have included more platforming in this sequel. I am still learning things as I go and it is a slow process for me but I am okay with that. If you have any suggestions to offer that will be fine as I learn best by implementing ideas or trying to do so. Also, I made the character double jump in this one as well. There are a lot of coins to collect and I even figured out how to make it so it would display a score (with some help from biorogue!), and there are some hidden coins and some that are tricky to get to. I built everything in the level except the character, flames, and the coins.

    Some of the photos were taken during the build and may not be the same as they are now in the level.

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    I thought it was a great level and was way bigger than I had first realized. As I entered the level, the first thing I noticed was I had to possess the character. I'd scope into the puppet and set it to Autopossess and then disable the Depossess. I don't recall if there is a "Not able to be depossessed" button. I've just been removing the wire coming off the Circle button.
    Anyway, I'm exploring this land and trying to find any hidden points you may have placed, and then I got stuck! It was right up there where the first switch is to extend the bridge. I actually thought that switch was the end of the level as I hadn't noticed all the stuff over to the left there. So I didn't want to hit the switch until I explored on top of that rock. Well, I got wedged under the rock somehow and had to start all over again. I wish the puppets had that "pop" feature that sackboys had. I supposed you could wire the circle button to a 3 second timer then to a destroyer on the puppet? I don't know.
    So going back in, I then noticed all that area to the left and I was like, "Hot dog!" I got through the rest easy enough and had a good experience. Really a great platformer shookie. Good work.


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      Thanks^^. I am gradually trying to just learn as I go. People point out things and I honestly didn't even know about it, like turning off autopossess. I am finding some of the logic tools very difficult, like making bolts work correctly (because they don't work like they do in lbp) and maybe I am just missing certain things because I have certain ways to accomplish a goal but it seems convoluted. Anyway, still learning and soaking it all in. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!


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        Geez, the stinking bolts and motor bolts! It took me a while to grasp the "new" way these work. I was having a time trying to perfectly line up this block and to attach a motor bolt to make it spin a certain way and I just couldn't get it. LBP it was easy, you slapped it down in the middle and it bolted through to the object. John had to explain it to me. Attach it to the Parent object first, then attach it literally ANYWHERE on the child object (the object you want to turn) and then adjust the axis where you want it, direction to turn, etc. And, the child object doesn't have to be in place yet. It can be a few feet away to give you room to work. Then just move the child object into place.