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    "Star Dreams" is out and is currently just a small sample of what I plan with my collaborator superice3000"Star Dreams" is out and is currently just a small sample of what my collaborator superice3000, and I plan for this project, and future GillyRice Productions.
    ​​​​Click image for larger version  Name:	StarDreams.JPG Views:	8 Size:	29.0 KB ID:	9194

    As it says in the description:
    "WIP Action Adventure RPG. Future Updates to include larger ship interior to explore and NPCs to interact with along with an expanded playable origin story and other action filled missions, on and off the main ship."

    We wish working on this could be our full time job so we could devote more time to making it all we envision. Dreams has been a creatively freeing and fun tool. It's been dream of mine to work on something like Star Trek. I enjoy the more utopian future of space explorer/scientists character drama but some aspects of that franchise have frustrated me and few of its game spin-offs are playable. Even the best leave something critical out of the experience. I hope this project allows us to keep exploring more original designs ideas while various sci-fi and retro future/cyberpunk will continue to serve as inspiration for the world we're building. Stardue Valley meets Mass Effect is our inspiration for future gameplay.

    Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.
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    checked this out last night.
    An excellent start to what could be a brilliant space opera. The space station had a star trek type vibe which is a good things for fans of the series like me.
    The characters are very well made and interesting, the shooting section was fun too. No bugs or issues for me.
    Looking forward to seeing how this develops.