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  • mdkd's architecture sculptures

    Hey folks,
    I had lots of ideas for architecture tilesets. Finally I finished my MP40 sculpt, so now it's time to get to these ideas.
    Here is the link of the collection:

    And we start of with my popular Unity project, now available in Dreams...



    As with all of my collections and projects, we start of slow and not really with a huge selection, but I will add more stuff over time.

    What do you think? Also: What kind of tilesets in Dreams aren't that present there? I might be able to fill a hole in the tilesets.

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    I'm in the market for some dreams tiles for an upcoming project, will check these out thanks


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      I would place down two of the tiles next to each other (The asset has 3x3 kitchen tiles) and group them together. Then scope in and do the stuff. I can say that with the grid placement tends to be really awkward, so I use precise move.

      More tiles and also wall pieces will come.


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        More assets arrived. Only two new assets, but new assets.

        'Modern house - Corner piece' -

        'Modern house - Wall piece' -

        More assets will come, namely a roof piece and a wall piece with a window. I also want to add some real life inspired architecture. Stay tuned.


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          A new set has been added: Simple chainlink fences:

          I sometimes get the urge to model simple pieces that work perfectly in grid mode. I'm a simp for grid mode, and I dislike when I can't perfectly align and clone community creations. I always end up recreating things, so they easily snap to the grid and can be cloned seamlessly. ^^

          I plan on making an industrial shack set with steel pillars, rusted walls, doors and such. Stay tuned


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            I worked on a warehouse tileset. It's already usable, but I will expand on it. It has about 2-3% graphics thermo. Comes with: Concrete floor, wall, wall with a window, support beam and railings.

            I made an example scene as well (Which I'm using for my tanks ^^)

            I'll do more tilesets in the future. Like a barn tileset, or concrete tileset and stuff like that.
            Let me know what you think... Is anyone even reading this lol