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  • mdkd's gameplay sounds

    Hey folks,
    mdkd here with another collection. There are lots of things labeled 'mdkd's...' in this category haha. Well, another one is this one here:

    mdkd's gameplay sounds

    It is a collection of different kinds of sounds that can occur in different situations. Right now there isn't much, but I recorded so many sounds and edited lots of sounds as well. I have to import them into Dreams with the well known aux cord-recording method.

    Here is the link:

    As with all my collections (I have two at the moment) I will update the collection and add more sound effects to it. So if some gameplay sounds interest you, make sure to track this collection. Thank you for your time.

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    Hey folks, I updated my collection. Some looping soundeffects are finally included. They loop nicely. We also have a non-looping churchbell sound. Feel free to use this.

    This is what it looks like now:


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      Hello, I have added a new looping soundeffect: Cooking meat

      I have many more soundeffects that I still have to edit.


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        I added a 'crow sounds' effect:


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          Hey folks,
          I updated my collection with new soundeffects. The collection now has 28 soundeffects. My looping rain soundeffect has been used in 37 levels already. That's quite a lot to me.

          A little bit of an update here too. Currently I'm using a audio recorder that was 30 bucks. It's okay, but the ground noise is deadly when it comes to quiet sounds like grass footsteps and light rain. I want to buy a medium price audio recorder. I am heavily interested in the Tascam Dr-05x. Seems to have neat recording quality and a bit less ground noise. And many additional features. Sounds great to me. We'll see how it turns out.

          Here's the collection link again:


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            I tweaked my collection a bit today and also added new soundeffects!

            - Empty city atmosphere - Looping
            - Morning birds - Looping
            - EXPERIMENTAL middle sized dog barking

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Traumiversum.png
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              I'm a bit of a underground celebrity, or at least my soundeffects are. Some have been used in more than 100 levels, ranging from 168 to 24 for most soundeffects.

              Anyway, here are my two recent soundeffects:
              - Medium rain (Looping) -
              - Forest atmosphere (Looping) -


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                Am I really the only asset creator in this forum? Well, I didn't post for a while. Boy do I have some updates. Here are the soundeffects that came after the ones mentioned in the old post.

                Small dog barking -
                Helicopter sounds (Looping) -
                Helicopter flying by -
                Opening wooden door -
                Closing wooden door -
                Small water fountain -
                Motorcycle driving by -
                Starting chainsaw -
                Stopping chainsaw -
                Chainsaw sounds (Looping) -
                Apartment atmosphere (Looping) -
                Sleeping alien creature -

                12 new soundeffects in 3 months. Not really that impressive, but the amount of soundeffects in this collection is. 45 soundeffects with different categories to choose from. It's also sorted:

                Fun fact: My most used soundeffect is the 'Large fire' one. It has been used in over 400 CREATIONS! Other soundeffects have been used in many creations as well. By now I have more than 50 followers on my profile. It's nice to know that my soundeffects are helpful and have a certain level of quality.

                This post is almost outdated, I created 2 new soundeffects.
                Last edited by mdkd99; 17 June 2020, 11:32 PM.


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                  This is really cool. It’s great you’re making more sounds available to the dreamers. I have a request if you think you can do it. Sirens... police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, air raid sirens and so on. This is obviously a major challenge to capture in the real world. Look forward to seeing what else you add to this.