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Presidential Caricature (my first character)

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  • Presidential Caricature (my first character)

    Possessable character for use in whatever.

    I think I could do better with practice, especially on the hair and sculpted wrinkles, but for a first character, I was pretty pleased with how he came together and I need to move on to other characters for my own sanity. I have no immediate plans to animate his blinks or cut out his mouth for more face animation but it's certainly doable.

    I would love to see someone use him in a golf game where the word burns in the background. ...maybe the spectators could be a line of handmaids.
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    Looks good! Really good on the pants the way they bunch up and stuff. Good work!


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      Great job! Any plans for future caricatures?


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        Thanks. I still mostly just see the areas I want to improve but I know I'm still getting used to Dreams' sculpting techniques.

        I have always liked the Mad magazine and Mort Drucker caricature style. I'd love to do classic movie actors like that and political satire, when I'm inspired.

        I'm collaborating with a friend on a sci-fi action adventure in Dreams now. My idea is the crew are robot avatars for the scientist explorers controlling them. Thier bodies are customizable and represent their personalities in a variety of ways. Still mostly human because that's how they identify, but some may like the sleek Asimov aesthetic and some might be more utilitarian and steampunk while others are more funky and cyberpunk. Working on the first character now and she's pretty fun.
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