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  • mdkd's weather sounds

    Hey folks,
    I published my small collection of weather sounds. It's a small collection, but I will expand it with more sounds as time goes by. We have 2 looping rain sounds at the moment and one thunder sound. Here's the link:

    Maybe someone needs it. I might add a preview video soon.

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    an excellent idea will check it out. Pooks will might it to one of the collections to help visibility


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      I'll release an update soon with some 'sound presets'. Basically the same sounds with adjustments in Dreams itself. I was able to simulate the interior of a ship on sea... Or on the sea ground. I could also simulate a old house interior. With the 'Calm city atmosphere' I could also simulate a storm, a cave and so on. All in Dreams.

      Update should come out like next week. What do you think?
      I need to add a preview video.


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        Hello folks,
        I recorded some new sounds with my camera. Yes, with my camera microphone. I recorded more thunder sounds, rain sounds, ambient sounds. I edited them so they loop nicely. I also have distant gunfire sounds, which is really nice.

        Just need to record them in Dreams with a aux cable. I heard that is possible. We'll see.
        If it is possible you can expect an update fairly soon, like the next few days I guess.