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  • mdkd's basic menu

    Hey folks,
    I'm working on a basic menu right now. I'm trying to cover all basic functions like a 'Play/Quit' Command and settings and so on.

    Settings like bloom, vignette, motion blur, lens flare, but also audio stuff will be covered. Here's a first picture of it:

    It won't feature specific settings like 'camera sensitivity' or 'difficulty'. Just a basic menu for you to use and add stuff upon. My other simple asset, a 1st person puppet has been used in 6 other creations so I guess some folks are looking forward to stuff. What do you folks think?

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    Sounds useful!


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      People seem to agree. I'll try to make it as modular as possible for folks.

      Here is the settings overview tab:

      In the UI tab I will add options for creators to use across their UI stuff in their level. Choice of color, UI size and that stuff. I'm still not sure how to design the graphics and sound tab. Extra sliders? Or maybe a integrated slider on the original textbox? We'll see.

      Logic is... easier than expected and very fast to make and clone. Like... Wow, it is fairly efficient and way less time consuming than LBP's version. The only little downside is the motion controls that can make things, especially things that need precision, a bit more time consuming than needed.

      I also used my keyboard to make a short click sound for the menu and it is fairly usable. Perhaps I could also make some keyboard sounds for people to use?

      Once everything is done with the menu I will publish it as remixable. Some little messages will also be there to guide folks how to properly use the menu and what they need to delete when actively using it.
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        Some thoughts and ideas

        Hey, I have some thoughts on this. I am making quite some progress. But I have big plans for this menu. Here they are:

        1. Different layouts
        I want to include the classic 'mdkd menu' with some textboxes in the middle and a compact style. I also want to include a different layout where you switch the tabs with L1 and R1. It will look slightly different and the boxes will be a bit more on the screen borders.

        2. Different settings
        So right now there are settings pretty much for a scenery level. Graphics settings like Bloom, Motion Blur and Lens Flare, sound settings like Master volume, music volume, effects volume and so on, and UI settings. It will include color settings with tags included for folks to use on their own UIs with keyframes. Size will also be a setting (Folks requested that). Controls settings will be only a few. Something like camera sensitivity, Inverted controls and so on. There are plenty of people who play with inverted controls. I don't and I find it hard playing with inverted controls. People who play with inverted controls feel the same about non-inverted controls. Another option I want to add.

        3. Different environments
        Maybe some folks need a difficulty setting. Other folks don't need a difficulty setting. Some folks need a camera sensitivity setting, other folks don't. I might add different settings and layouts to different game environments. The graphics settings could also include image effects settings other than Bloom/Motion Blur/Lens Flare.

        4. Different languages
        I'm German, so I can also add the German Language to the menu. I need help with other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and so on. But I don't know if folks will actually use that section, most folks agree on using English. Could be useful though to learn some important terms from the menu.

        5. Accessibility
        I'm also thinking about adding voiced textboxes for blind folks (Don't know if many blind people play Dreams/create in Dreams). You can't please anyone and help anyone, but I personally am thinking about adding such options.

        6. Additional things
        Many things should be customizable in edit mode. The menu will probably ship with default settings in playmode. Some basic, non-specific settings like graphics and sound.

        7. Thermometer
        What uses lots of thermometer is the portal/exit. 10%. Per gadget. Having 5 portal gadgets costs 50%. So I will only use 1 portal gadget. I placed down 20 menus without the portal gadget and had like 24% thermometer usage. That's a lot of gadgets, probably like 6000-10000 gadgets in total. I don't need as much as that at all. So thermometer usage shouldn't be that high. 10-15% max.

        8. End thoughts
        This will take some time. I won't add everything. But I thought it's nice to share my thoughts. This could be a big deal for many people in the community who want to learn something, get ideas or just need a menu asset that is nice and simple. We'll see. Progress is being made, so it's not abandoned or just a bunch of words.


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          NEW UPDATE

          I found another helpful gadget for me to make the microchip less cluttered and I also use lots of trigger zones and tags. Works pretty well. There are still a few bugs that I need to fix. Kinda came out of nowhere and I already tried a few things, but no success. I'll continue fixing the bugs and we'll see.

          Here's a picture:

          It looks fairly neat so far, just need to adjust a few things. What do you think?


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            Another update coming up.

            Started from scratch again because I didn't like the bugginess of the menu. The new menu runs with lots of tags and a tidy cable setup. Here, take a look:

            Also found a new technique for text box placement and will use that for the sliders.


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              Still doing stuff with this btw.
              I feel like doing a basic setup and a deluxe setup. Basic has only a few entries, missing settings for folks to fill the blank spots. Deluxe has all the settings that I want to include.