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  • mdkd's WW1/WW2 garage

    Hey folks,
    a new tank manufacturer arrived in Dreams. Me. I'm happy to present a new line of tanks in Dreams: Gameplay friendly, optimized tanks.

    Take a look at my first tank:

    The Panzer 3, model E. A german tank produced and deployed in WW2. My model has 4% graphics cost, and only 3,2% gameplay cost. This is achieved by animating the treads, and making it low count and simplified, rather than having a 200 piece, physical system.

    In total my tank has ~ 80 treads in total. This was achieved by mirroring the treads within the tread sculpt. So in one sculpt you have two treads, outside it's one sculpt. This reduces the tread amount from 160 treads down to 80.

    The gun works. It can be fired, aimed, adjusted from 100m up to 1200m and it has a unique turret and camera system. The camera is independent from the turret and can be turned. With L1 you can make the turret follow the camera direction. When you release L1, the turret will stay where it is, and turn with the tank itself.

    Soundeffects are simple, some are missing, like reloading the main gun. The soundeffects I recorded and used were from a real Panzer 3 and a real 8,8cm gun.

    It's my first tank and it is not 100% complete. I'd like to add a AI system in the future, and make the tread animation even better in the future. The more tanks I make, the more experience I have. And then I can update my older tanks at that point.

    I'll make tanks from the german army, the russian army, the US army, the british army, the french army and the polish army. Stay tuned.

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    A new tank is in production, the Panzer 1 Ausf. B.
    Here a picture:

    It actually has physical treads. After making a prototype series with physical treads I now know how to make physical treads.

    My Panzer 1 Ausf. B has 43 treads in total. This is achieved by making mirrored sculpts. Two treads in one sculpt. It works really well on the prototype. It works well on the Panzer 1, considering the fact that it was first designed as animated tank.

    It has 6% gameplay thermo and 4% graphics thermo. Rather cheap for physical treads.

    What do you think of the model so far?


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      These look great. If you incorporate these into a playable experience perhaps connect a health manager to a painting's opacity to simulate damage, dirt, weathering etc.
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        Oh yeah, for sure. Once a good amount of these tanks are finished, I'll do a test ground for them, where you can drive around a little bit, and shoot at some targets in the distance.


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          Curiously, have you implemented "tank controls" where one joystick controls one tread? For example, push forward on left and backwards on right to turn the vehicle to the right. I wanted to do something similar in LittleBigPlanet but never got too far as other projects consumed me.

          I see you have an element available to play but I am away from my Ps5 at the moment; will add it to my queue.
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            My tanks have physical treads, but the tread model covers both sides, which means that they move at the same speed. Steering my tanks works with a rotator, which looks unrealistic, but it makes my tanks more reliable and more optimized.


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              Holy cow! This is awesome!


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                Thanks a lot. There are still some issues I need to iron out, but once those are fixed or suppressed enough, my tanks will be a good balance between looks and optimization.

                My initial goal was, to have something like 10-15 active tanks on screen at a time with animated treads. I think it's a good concept, but animated treads aren't as realistic looking. So I went ahead and worked on prototypes with different wheel and tread systems.

                My current goal is to make tanks that are physical based, but don't use as much gameplay and graphics thermo. So if you have a busy scene, putting one of my tanks in isn't going to cause the whole level to be in slow motion and unplayable.

                The 'tank god' JohnBerg_1995, makes fully detailed, fully physical tanks. While impressive, they are more a proof of concept, and really slow down scenes on PS4. He aims to make tanks for PS5 from now on, while I try to just make cheaper low thermo tanks. So my tanks will have 50-60 treads in total, which already costs 6-8% gameplay thermo.

                Anyway, I have lots of stuff planned, many german tanks, some american and russian tanks, also some british and french tanks.


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                  The Panzer 1, Ausf. B is finished.

                  Panzer 1 Ausf B irl (The black and white cross was not painted on until 1940):

                  My Panzer 1 Ausf B model in Dreams (It has the pre-1940 white cross, but there is a option to enable the black and white cross):

                  My tank has 41 treads in total, they are mirrored, which means that turning the tank is done with logic, so it looks less realistic. It can be driven around, has two working MG13s in the turret. The turret can be turned as well.

                  The tank is finished, but I am overhauling it to make it a little better. The suspension of the tank is currently controlled by weight, rather than bolts and physics. I'm working on this. If it doesn't work out, I'm reverting it to weight. I also had to lower the weight of the tank from the correct 6 tons to about 2 tons, for the stability to improve massively.

                  Once I'm done with everything, I'll work on the Panzer 2 Ausf. C


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                    A new tank is in development. The Panzer 2 Ausf. C

                    Here are some pictures:

                    A reference picture of the Panzer 2:

                    And here my pictures in Dreams:

                    Here is a video showcasing the physical suspension system I made:

                    Some info on the Panzer 2irl :
                    The Panzer 2 emerged from the german tank prototypes in the early 30s, namely the 'Landwirtschaftlicher Schlepper 100' (It was a codename to hide the fact that it was a tank). It was meant as a stopgap, until the larger, more powerful Panzer 3 and Panzer 4 were ready to be mass produced.

                    The main gun of the Panzer 2 was the KwK-30, caliber 20mm. An auto cannon with a ROF of 280. It had devastating effects on enemy morale, but it wasn't capable of penetrating and destroying most tanks at the time, the tank units often had to get dangerously close, and land hits on the same spot to really do damage to the enemy tanks. However, the gun was very effective against infantry and lightly vehicles.

                    The armor of the Panzer 2 was rather thin. Enemy infantry units could load armor piercing rounds into their rifle and penetrate the Panzer 2. Most french tanks had enough firepower to penetrate the Panzer 2 with one hit, as did the russian tanks.

                    Around 1100 tanks of model A, B and C were produced.

                    Some info on my Panzer 2 replica:
                    Graphics thermo: 5-6%
                    Gameplay thermo: 6-7%
                    42 mirrored, physical treads
                    A physical suspension system with torsion bars
                    Maximum speed of 15 km/h (Rather than 40 km/h as on the real one)
                    Weight: 1-2 tons (Instead of 9 tons, weight is so low on mine for stability reasons)
                    Stability of the physical driving system: 4/5 - The treads won't come off, unless you try to turn on difficult terrain, or drive on terrain with fine details like small rocks and so on. Though my vehicle is actually more stable than the real thing.

                    My tank has a working 2cm gun, a fully traversable turret, mirrored, physical treads, and can be driven around.

                    My vehicle is not published, but it's somewhat close to release. Give it 1-2 more days, and it will be published, unless I run into any issues that need to be fixed first.

                    UPDATE: It's published. Link:
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                      A overhaul took place of the Panzer 3
                      I completely overhauled my Panzer 3. It now has mirrored, physical treads and works with actual wheels and swingarm suspension. The gameplay thermo increased from 3,2% to 6,1%.
                      Panzer 3 irl:

                      Panzer 3 in Dreams:
                      Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht  Name: Panzer 3 Dreams.jpg Ansichten: 0 Größe: 86,2 KB ID: 11607

                      Some info on the real Panzer 3:
                      The Panzer 3 was designed as main tank to counter enemy tanks and armored vehicles, but it couldn't be manufactured in larger quantities until the war started with german troops invading Poland. The Panzer 3 wasn't as numerous in 1939 and 1940, but in 1941 it became the most important tank of the german army with it's slightly improved short 5cm gun. At some point in 1943 the Panzer 3 couldn't be upgraded more due to limitations, and the Panzer 4 became the new main tank to counter enemy tanks and armored vehicles. The chassis of the Panzer 3 was used in the more successful Stug-3.

                      Some info on my tank in Dreams:
                      6-7% graphics thermo
                      6,1% gameplay thermo
                      43 mirrored, physical treads
                      spring tensioned swing arm suspension
                      Working main gun

                      Stability of the treads: 4/5 - Treads won't come off unless you turn on very difficult terrain and drive over complex terrain. Regular terrain-medium difficulty terrain is no problem for the treads.

                      As usual from my tanks it has a factory new look to it and is in factory gray.


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                        The Panzer 4 Ausf. D is finished and published

                        Panzer 4 model:

                        Panzer 4 in Dreams:

                        Info about the Panzer IV irl:
                        It was first intended as tank to counter vehicles, but transitioned into a vehicle with the anti tank role, when it was upgunned with the 7,5cm long barrel with Ausführung F2/G.

                        It was not as numerous in the first years of WW2, but in 1942-1945 production ramped up a lot and it became Germany's most available tank next to the Stug-III. At first it had poor armor and couldn't penetrate any medium tank, but after some upgrades and with the longer gun it could easily penetrate lots of enemy tanks. The Panzer 4 was even used be foreign forces in the 6-day war in 1967, though it performed poorly against the modern tanks.

                        Info about my model:
                        6% graphics thermo
                        6,9% gameplay thermo
                        49 mirrored, physical treads
                        spring tensioned swing arm suspension
                        Stability of the treads: 4,5/5 - The treads won't come off sideways. They start skipping wheels on very unrealistic and finely detailed terrain. Other than that they are pretty much invincible thanks to some invisible side skirts stopping the treads from coming off.

                        I forgot to model some things and will add them like towing hooks, the Wehrmacht cross and some tools on the fenders and sides. other than that it's a finished tank.

                        I was able to quickly finish the Panzer 4 project due to reusing the logic of the Panzer 3. I made that logic somewhat modular and nice to use. I'll reuse that logic on the Panther, Tiger, King Tiger and Ratte and other tanks of course.

                        NEXT TANK: PANZER V 'PANTHER'
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