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  • mdkd's WW1/WW2 garage

    Hey folks,
    a new tank manufacturer arrived in Dreams. Me. I'm happy to present a new line of tanks in Dreams: Gameplay friendly, optimized tanks.

    Take a look at my first tank:

    The Panzer 3, model E. A german tank produced and deployed in WW2. My model has 4% graphics cost, and only 3,2% gameplay cost. This is achieved by animating the treads, and making it low count and simplified, rather than having a 200 piece, physical system.

    In total my tank has ~ 80 treads in total. This was achieved by mirroring the treads within the tread sculpt. So in one sculpt you have two treads, outside it's one sculpt. This reduces the tread amount from 160 treads down to 80.

    The gun works. It can be fired, aimed, adjusted from 100m up to 1200m and it has a unique turret and camera system. The camera is independent from the turret and can be turned. With L1 you can make the turret follow the camera direction. When you release L1, the turret will stay where it is, and turn with the tank itself.

    Soundeffects are simple, some are missing, like reloading the main gun. The soundeffects I recorded and used were from a real Panzer 3 and a real 8,8cm gun.

    It's my first tank and it is not 100% complete. I'd like to add a AI system in the future, and make the tread animation even better in the future. The more tanks I make, the more experience I have. And then I can update my older tanks at that point.

    I'll make tanks from the german army, the russian army, the US army, the british army, the french army and the polish army. Stay tuned.