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mdkd's weapon and armor sculpts

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  • mdkd's weapon and armor sculpts

    Hey folks,
    in the past months I made a lot of weapon and armor sculpts for my own WW2 project. But it's also publicly available. Here is the link:

    I made lots of german weapons like the MP40, Luger P08 and so on, but also some allied powers-weapons like the STEN gun. Also made armor. The collection is not complete, I'll add more to the collection when I make new models.

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    Wow, it's been quite some time since I made a post here. Well, I made many more models. I'll link all of the models I made so far:

    German WW2 weaponry:
    MP40 -
    Kar98K -
    Gewehr 43 -
    MG42 -
    Walther P38 -
    Luger P08 -
    Walther PPK -

    British WW2 weaponry:
    STEN gun -
    Colt M1911 -

    German WW2 apparel:
    Stahlhelm (helmet) -
    M43 Fieldcap -

    Cartridges used in WW2:
    7,62x57mm Mauser/8mm Mauser -
    9x19mm Luger/Para -

    This is a good amount of models, all optimized down to 3-4% graphics costs. The MG42 is the most expensive model with 3% gameplay costs due to a physical belt. So far the MG42, Gewehr 43, Kar98K, M1911 and STG are modernized and have button prompts and so on. The rest still has to be modernized.

    Let me know what you think, and if you have suggestions, let me know.

    Click image for larger version

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      Plans for the future:

      German WW2 weapons:

      British WW2 weapons:
      SMLE MK IV No. 1
      Bren Machinegun
      Webley revolver
      Mills grenade

      American WW2 Weapons:
      M1 Garand
      M3 Grease gun
      BAR Machine gun

      Russian WW2 weapons:
      Mosin Nagant
      DP Machine Gun
      Tokarev pistol

      French WW2 weapons:
      MAS Bolt action rifle

      In the future I will make WW1 weapons as well.


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        A new gun is almost finished: The Mauser C96 'Broomhandle'


        Information about the real gun:
        The Mauser C96 was not designed by the Mauser brothers, but by someone else working for Mauser. The Mauser brothers saw the commercial potential of this pistol, produced the pistol and marketed it as military pistol. At that time, the C96 was one of the first self loading (aka semi auto) pistols. It wasn't really purchased and used in huge quantities like the Luger P08 or Colt 1911 later on, but it was still a commercial success with the pistol getting exported to many countries. The original Mauser C96 had the 7,63x25mm cartridge. Though a 9x19mm version was also done. It had a 'red nine' on the right grip plate. This pistol is quite the classy pistol.

        Information about my model:
        3% graphics thermo
        1% gameplay thermo
        10 pieces (The magazine follower is missing, so it will be 11. The stripper clip and bullets are only enabled for the reload): Mirrored grip plates, attachment ring at the bottom, lower receiver, trigger, safety lever, hammer, bolt, upper receiver, rear sight plate, rear sight adjustment piece
        Initial time spent to create the model: 4-5 hours.

        I'm pretty much satisfied with how this model turned out. 3% graphics is as low as I'm willing to go. I used the 'varied looseness' a lot, but also made some lines and corners sharp, which really improved both the appearance and the graphics usage. I still have to add all the stuff necessary, like the adjustable sights, shooting, reloading and so on.

        The model just needs all that stuff and it's finished and usable. What do you think about it?