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Daydreamer - mdkd's ratings, but in Dreams

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  • Daydreamer - mdkd's ratings, but in Dreams

    Hello sackpeople, no wait... Hello dreamers! Nah, that ain't it. Hello impsters! Alright that sounds weird...
    Hey folks, mdkd here. I kind of announced a Dreams version of my level rating show here and there, but without any hint whatsoever how to do such a show, since Dreams is different. It isn't LBP, it has the same spirit, but it looks and feels different.

    So, here's my idea on how I would do a level rating show in Dreams:

    I could just review platformers, not much would change. But I feel like it would be weird to ignore other kinds of levels. So I want to include other kinds of levels too. Except for movies, I am not suited for that, I want to play levels rather than watching things.

    Quick examples:

    - A classic platformer: I would rate the gameplay (If it's WIP I would rate what is there and speak of the potential and rate what could be) and the design, how much the theme has been used and so on

    - A nice looking walking simulator: I would rate the atmosphere, movement of the character (Example would be levels of BadRobo82, like Taken by the rust), placement of assets and that kind of stuff. Detail level doesn't matter as much to me, like if a level has trees that have loose flecks, I won't say 'Bad graphics!' What counts is how good something looks and how creative someone is

    - A fighting game/fps game/tps game: I would rate the mechanics, how smooth they are, animations and so on and fun factor, I would rate WIP projects too, if they are updated somewhat regularly

    - Sceneries: Kind of like Walking simulators, focus more on the scenery and atmosphere rather than gameplay, but also a little bit on movement, but some of these are demos and tests how someone does sceneries

    In short: I am going to review things with their genre and gameplay and so on in mind. A walking simulator won't be bad, because it doesn't have too much action, a scenery won't be bad because it is just a scenery, a WIP level isn't bad because it lacks content. That kind of stuff.

    There are already some great shows and videos with Dreams creations, but more opinions with well formed points on creations are better, the more the better I guess.
    What do you think, Dreamsverse?