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Beta Sign Ups - Closed

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  • Beta Sign Ups - Closed

    Sign ups are now closed. If you’ve been selected you’ll receive a beta code by email on the 11th - if you don’t see it in your general email please check your spam/junk/promotions folders.

    Remeber, the NDA is still in effect until further notice so only discuss Dreams in the official beta forum. A link to the forum will be in your beta invite email.

    All the rules and info about beta can be found in the Mm blog:
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    Hmmm.... might see what happens. lol


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      So did anyone that did this receive any kind of confirmation that their sign up had been registered?

      (Aside from the automatic 'thank you' page)


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        New thread: Public sign-up people getting Beta fair?


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          I’ve been told first hand that you do not get any confirmation email for signing up, I think you just have to wait and hope


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            Originally posted by Sir monacle View Post
            Lol'd so hard :D

            Thx for the info Pookachoo. The EU sign-up does not require any logging in or e-mail, so no way to check if you did it right. Don't even know if it checks if what you put in is a valid psn id. Maybe i'll try and sign up some random key banging, brb

            Other then that i'll just patiently wait till 11th

            Edit: Succes! alaasklfjhsfklsdhfaslkfjhalfkjshflasfhjhsfljkash is now signed up for beta!
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              Sign ups are now closed, closing this thread and leaving it for reference