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VR coming to Dreams July 22nd

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  • VR coming to Dreams July 22nd

    Announced as the end of today’s DreamsCom live stream, Dreams will be VR compatible as of July 22nd!
    This is a highly anticipated feature which obviously could be problematic if not done well - hopefully Mm will be providing some tutorial content on how to create successfully for VR and avoid causing motion sickness.
    What are we all looking to crate, share and play?

    Edit: now that the update is out, here are the release notes
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    This announcement is fantastic! 22nd July will be a historic day in the history of gaming...
    this will enable even more creators to take their first steps into becoming real-world game designers. It will be a massive shot in the arm for PSVR too as it is no longer just a medium to play but a medium you can create and shape at will.


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      Tomorrow’s live stream will be a VR preview
      Also, expect Dreams to be offline briefly as the update is implemented


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        Looking forward to it!


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          A little more specific info in today’s stream: update will start tomorrow around noon UK time and the servers will be offline for a couple hours. Then...
          VR! OMG!