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  • Looking/checkin out your stuff.

    I was a big fan of LBP and still am. I played it since the beta. I also love Mario maker and Dreams now. For a new dreamer do you have any creations you could share with me, or that would help? Even remixes or models would be nice.

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    welcome dreaMman,
    great to have you with us Most of us here were big LBP fans too

    There are already many wonderful creations on dreams for everyone to enjoy, both playing experiences and assets to use in your own creation.
    It may be a little confusing at first but hang in there and everything will fall into place. Definitely play the tutorials a couple of times, I missed quite a bit on my first playthrough.
    Hovering your imp over the UI buttons and controls will bring up very useful descriptions of their use and function written in a very accessible language by Mm's Luci Black.
    Remixing assets and scenes created by others gives you the opportunity to learn too as you can scope in and take them apart to see how they work.
    my fave dream is House of Beavis and may favourite asset is the dreams taxi created by wiitchcraft.
    Pookachoo one of our admins here has curated wonderful collections of assets, logic for you to enjoy.


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      Yes, I very much recommend using other peoples creations and doing remixes as a way to practice and find what sort of thing you like doing. My CoMmunity Popit collection that Enoch mentioned has low thermo assets to work with, and there’s a “DIY” section that has unfinished sculptures if you want to just want to practice using the Spraypaint Tool (simply scope into a sculpt to paint it)