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  • Mm Time Machine

    A fun and very eventful history of how Mm came to be, and got to where they are today

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    Went through this the other day. Super cool. Only wish I could've been a part of this community earlier, or at least had the ability to be forthright and an active member.

    - Links -


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      So many happy memories. Was a follower of LBP as soon as it was announced. Was part of the betas for 1&2. Never played Tearaway as gaming took a back seat in life for a long time. But Dreams has drawn me back in and gives me all the same feels as in the early LBP days. Im back and I’m here to stay


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        Oh, man - I must've read this a thousand times!

        Have they updated it?


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          We had LBP when it first came out and played the heck out of it. We had bought a new HD TV and wanted to play blu rays, so as per the custom, the ps3 was the cheapest player and played games. Well.. you have to buy some games right? ...that was one of the 3 we got. Not sure we ever played the other two. lol