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debate: Does Dreams need to be on PC too?

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  • debate: Does Dreams need to be on PC too?

    Dreams came out for the ps4 system. Yes, but, the imp and camera movements can be so janky when used on a ps4 controller it makes me think at times: "Wouldn't Dreams be so much more precise with a mouse and keyboard? (and imo simpler)". So I wanted to make a poll to see if others think the same?
    Dreams should also port to PC
    Dreams is perfect only at ps4

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    Good question. The original plan for Dreams was to see it made available at some point in phase 4 of its planned strategy onto PC. Not sure if this is ever going to happen though? The multiplayer is the top priority at the moment. The Vr implementation was very successful and works well with Dreams.
    I am lucky enough to have a PS5 and Dreams runs even more smoothly on that tho the annoying imp drift is still present.
    Ultimately for Dreams to succeed and grow it needs to expand beyond the PS ecosphere. There has been an ongoing professional useage beta for quite some time and that may involve different formats, For Dreams to work as a professional tool model, game, & music file export is essential, fingers crossed this will come to pass


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      What I want to see specifically, is a professional version of Dreams that runs on Mac and outputs content that’s compatible with the Adobe suite. People with a gaming PC may also want to use Dreams and that would be a good way to introduce new creators, although a pro version may not run optimally there.


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        Lets chime in

        I like Dreams on PS4. I like the controller usage, feels comfortable.
        But man, what I wouldnt give for precision. Even with precise move and the stick layout, things can be wonky. Camera movement could be improved. Some things like 'Frontal view' like in LBP would also help.

        I can imagine a PC port having some basic performance options for people with weaker PCs, and people could implement their own solutions. I think it would be amazing. Though Dreams is on Playstation, and I think its an exclusive. Its nothing but a dream I think, but a really cool dream at that.