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Enjoying dreams atm

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  • Enjoying dreams atm

    Made a new race track, got race positions and finally know what I'm doing. I'm gonna go back into my old tracks and fix them up and delete the bad ones or at least archive them. Gonna try and make a new dream racer this one should be better.
    it's weird I got a few games to play but I can be bothered to play them...dreams has taken over my ps4 lol.

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    I know the feeling, Assassins Cree Valhalla is the only game that I've put any time into besides dreams....then whilst I was on dreams today I ended up making a Viking themed scene. Post a link when you create a new racing Dream


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      That’s great! I was kinda surprised that it was so hard to find a tutorial or get help with the race positions, if you feel inspired to make a tutorial or remixable demo I expect that’d be very useful for the coMmunity